3 thoughts on “OHSAA Football Harbin Computer Points Database (1972-Present)

  1. mark mizak

    I played for Parma High School in 1972 but don’t remember playing in any play offs did they have them back then

  2. Calif_Eagle

    They did have them in 1972 but you missed by a year. Parma won the Region in 1971’s “test season” that had no actual playoffs. They just ran the points as a test for the 1972 debut of the playoffs. In those days only the Regional Champions made the playoffs and Parma’s 1972 LEL Champs finished 3rd in the point standings and so did not make it.

  3. Ryan

    Mark, do you happen to know the score of the Parma v Shaw game on October 13, 1972. I was born that night at Parma hospital at 7:35pm and my parents claim I was almost born in the car due to traffic for the game. I’ve always wondered who won but they can’t remember. My apologies if I got the teams wrong, I obviously wan’t there.


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