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Colts sign Columbus Grove's new football coach


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  • Colts sign Columbus Grove's new football coach

    I read this morning on the Colts website that they signed Kyle Miller. He is the new coach correct? Wow, where does this leave the program?
    Last edited by OLpride; 04-04-2012, 06:34 AM.

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    Grove plays Friday, Colts play Sunday.....what's the problem?


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      ^^^ Good point, considering the fact that Grove offered 3 previous candidates that said no, and then hired a guy that told them if he gets an offer from an NFL team he is gonna take it, I guess maybe they will let him do both


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        Well, this leaves them without a coach. He left and didn't even say goodbye to the kids. Great hire by the BOE!


        • #5
          Sometimes I'm a little bit surprised at the reactions people have to things. I really don't know the particulars of this situation at all, but from what I can tell, the school district has been looking for a coach for awhile and evidently has interviewed some people....offering the job to three people who all turned the school's offer down. The latest candidate, who evidently was not in the top three choices initially, was offered and accepted, but if what is reported in this post is true, he had already informed the Board that if he got drafted by an NFL Team, he was taking the offer and would not remain as the coach at Grove.

          I'm not sure whether he ever actually met the kids are not, but even if he did, his departure couldn't have been much of a surprise. Maybe I'm missing something here?

          I would agree that if he had already settled in and was planning things, he should have at least met with the kids and said his goodbyes, but I really don't think that the Board should be blamed for trying to get someone who they thought was well qualified and would do a good job. They took a shot and they lost. It happens.


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            He did meet the kids and was running lifting and football related sessions. If his departure wasn't much of a surprise, why would he be hired in the first place? Does that really make sense? Now CG is back to square one and it is the middle of April.


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              He told them that if he was offered by NFL that he was gone. Blame CG not Miller.


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