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This school year we are pleased to announce that the Ohio National Guard, Bucknuts and JJHuddle have partnered together to award weekly player and team of the week honors in several boys and girls sports.

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  • Cutler named UA coach

    I called this one with certitude the week of the Coffman game, but now it is officially official......

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    And might I add, "Grove're on the clock".


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      Congratulations to Coach Cutler. You will love this senior class. This was the right hire.


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        Best of luck to coach Cutler.


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          Good luck Coach Cutler!


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            OK..... Congrats to Joel. A great selection to get UA back where it should be. I figured with about 99% certainty back in September that Golden would retire and Cutler would get the nod. I believe I PM'd some of you with my thoughts on the matter. Be that as it may, the Moose is looking forward with great anticipation to the 2014 edition of the Upper Arlington Golden Bear football team!!!

            GO BEARS!


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              Good luck to Coach Cutler and the Golden Bears-


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                Why did UA struggle this past season? Everyone knows they have the best strength coaches, best head football coach and assistants, best facilities, stadium and weight room, and tradition from the past, what are the reasons why they struggled during the season? I saw the marion franklin game on line and i was amazed?


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                  As a Ready supporter, congratulations to Joel on the new job. UA you got yourself a great one, best of luck in the near future no doubt that will happen.


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                    Shocked he left the Ready program, will the challenge of winning at one of the most under achieving teams in the state be his downfall?

                    Is U.A. open enrollment?
                    If so I look for a lot of new transfers to aid in the winning process.


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                      NCF: You really shouldn't be shocked he left. He was at UA for years as an assistant and still taught there.

                      And 'no', UA is not open enrollment, in fact they are about as 'closed' as you can get.

                      Cutler will do well there. Next year's schedule insures a 7-3 season (minimum). So they'll get back in the playoffs.

                      He'll still have to battle LAX and other factors to make UA high performing, but it is no brainer.

                      Ready is a tough gig. Great kids, no doubt, but when it comes to facilities and support of the administration, it is about one degree of separation from the Columbus City League.


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                        NCF: Actually, UA is open enrollment. As long as a student lives within the boundaries of the Upper Arlington School District, he or she may attend any public high school in the district!!!!

                        I knew Cutler was at the top of the list from early in the season once we knew that Goldie was going to retire. Several things pointed to this. 1) When Cutler left to take over at Ready, he remained on teaching staff in UA., 2) Ready played at least one game at the Marv -week 4 I believe (UA had never been used by Ready for a home game before). 3) In my view, he was being groomed for the UA position in taking the Ready job in 2012. It has been a long time since UA promoted an assistant to head coach (Pete Corey succeeded Marv Moorehead in 1970) and in today's environment, would want someone with success as head coach somewhere to take the reins of UA's high profile program. That would also mean that there was a pretty good supposition by higher ups, more than 2 years ago, that Golden might very well retire once he got his 10 years into the State Teachers Retirement System. And trust me kids, that is what primarily drove Goldie's decision making.

                        I think Cutler will do very well. He's been around the UA program certainly long enough to know the culture and mindset of the UA community and the kids and the long successful tradition that is Golden Bear football. He'll need to build a top flight staff. I imagine he'll keep some of the assistants and bring in some new blood. All in all, it should be a season of great anticipation.

                        GO BEARS!
                        Last edited by Moose73; 01-07-2014, 09:26 AM.


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                          NCF- you and your open enrollment. With the new transfer rules a student athlete is punished severely for transferring. UA does not need open enrollment. They have plenty of talent in the district. Best of luck to Coach Cutler.


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                            No surprise here. Hiring as fast as they did there was no time for teaching openings to be posted so it made sense to hire a person within the system. the fact he is a good coach certainly helped.


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                              blackjack: He was the perfect candidate for the job, teaching openings or no teaching openings.


                              • blackjack
                                blackjack commented
                                Editing a comment
                                I agree. it still made sense to hire someone who was already in the system. In fact it made great sense. No dishing here.
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