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    Triway QB Parker Carmichael 20-27 passing, 241 yards, 4 TD; 8 rush, 39 yds, 3 TD. He didn't play a single snap in the 2nd half.

    Triway beat Timken 58-15 to complete their first ever 10-0...
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    Per Drew Pasteur (, Division IV Region 12 is locked:

    #1 Triway vs #8 Galion
    #4 Kenton vs #5 Port Clinton

    #2 Bellevue vs #7 Keystone
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  • D-IV Region 12: #1 River Valley (11-0) vs #5 Bryan (11-0)

    This looks to be a great match up. From what I have heard RV has issues with spread teams with a great QB. And that is what Bryan brings to this game. Then you have a RV team that can run you over with the rushing attack. How is Bryan defense against the run. This is a match up between 2 contrasting styles.

    Who wins.
    River Valley

    What is the third letter in the word “basket”?

  • #2
    Bryan beating a very quality Genoa Area team should open the eyes of many on Saturday morning. I would expect this to be another battle but I'll give the edge to Bryan. Their offense will be tough to contain.


    • #3
      River Valley last night was not the equal of the Genoa team I saw this year. With that said, I think Bryan wins this one by 14.


      • #4
        Bryan faced a heavy Run team in Geno. If River Valley gets behind it's harder for a run team to come back. If Bryan takes care of the ball it'll be tough for anyone in the state to beat them. Bryan by 10


        • #5
          Bryan is a very good football TEAM. A Kenton -- Bryan Regional final at BG would be a great game----that is if you like wide open high flying offense. Bryan by 28.


          • #6
            Not sure what will happen, but I am intrested in hearing the reasons why River Valley is such a big dog apparently. They played a much more difficult schedule (as evidenced by the #1 seed).


            • #7
              I can promise you River Valley hasn't seen anyone in Bryan's class this year. The Bryan qb will be the best player on the field again.


              • mrmyzteriouz
                mrmyzteriouz commented
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                You mean just like the Loudonville or Lake QB was?

            • #8
              Well, I am certainly convinced. I have no idea what will happen, but this is the second consecutive week where the tenor of the thread has had an underlying assumption that River Valley simply isn't a first rate team because they are from a different part of the state and play different (good) teams that are also from a different part of the state. I cannot emphasize enough that I am not trying to say what will happen, I am just looking for some recognition to the fact that River Valley is a near complete mystery to most of the folks that folllw this region.


              • USA70PP
                USA70PP commented
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                Pleasant lost to Mooney at Canton in the state semis in 2007

              • wood duck
                wood duck commented
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                That is not what you stated in your first comment. Again, do you know anything about MOAC football? Didn't think so.

              • blitzman
                blitzman commented
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                My bad, I forgot about pleasant/mooney in 07'.. But it's bad when the league keeps riding on Pleasants successes cause their the only school that could do anything.. Also by the way I do know about MOAC since I graduated from a MOAC school in the mid 90's.. I truly do hope the league can get better with the expansion so the bigger schools aren't stuck playing the smaller schools.. MOAC wasn't a league to prepair teams for the playoffs.. Maybe things will change. But till they do, I'm not buying.. It was nice to see NU win last night.. I think they have a good chance to beat West Jeff..

            • #9
              When will the site be announced? I mean it almost has to be Findlay, so long as there is not a different game there?


              • dr lou
                dr lou commented
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                That was an unnecessarily snide comment.

              • ohiophinfan51
                ohiophinfan51 commented
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                Lima would be more of a middle gound seeing how its only 61 miles for bryan and 78 miles for river valley...but only a few miles difference with findlay.....could go either way but i have been to the delta play off game in lima and they had a nice field that they played at

              • Mr. Chin
                Mr. Chin commented
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                Game is at Findlay

            • #10
              I wouldn't sleep on River Valley, they played a very good game last night. There pass rush was in the back field all night against lake and never allowed Rettig to get in his groove. That being said I still think Bryan wins but in a 3 point game. Good luck to both teams.


              • #11
                from what I am getting RV has a strong running game....if so...bryan is strong on D against the run as demonstrated in the genoa game....also if RV is weak against the spread then they r in big trouble against the golden bears...bryan plays until the end even if they r down those kids feel like they have a chance and it shows with some great combacks they have had....RV im sure is a great team...but for me the strengths and weaknesses of both teams just don't favor RV...gotta go with the bears by 17


                • USA70PP
                  USA70PP commented
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                  And Genoa lost

                • dr lou
                  dr lou commented
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                  That is true, but the comment was that the game showed they are strong against the run.

                • unbiased:)
                  unbiased:) commented
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                  2 passing touchdowns and an 80 yard kickoff return for TD. The Bryan D "held" a rushing game that averaged a first down per carry to 5 yards per carry. It will be interesting since Genoa and RV both run Wing T out of similar sets. I think it could be a carbon copy of Friday's game.

              • #12
                R Valley beat two teams in the regular season who won playoff games tonight. RV does struggle against a good passing game but Bryan will need to stop a running game which dominated time of possession and was unstoppable vs Lake. R Valley was up 27-0 and coasted from there vs lake. This should be a great, high scoring matchup!


                • unbiased:)
                  unbiased:) commented
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                  Lake run defense is average and that's being kind. They got gashed by Genoa and Eastwood.
                  Last edited by unbiased:); 11-09-2013, 09:46 PM.

                • dr lou
                  dr lou commented
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                  I make no predictions in this game. Bryan obviously has a heck of a team, and I will be pleasantly surprised if River Valley wins, but the one thing RV has going for it is that they have played overall stiffer competition. As J pointed out, both Loudonville and North Union won in pretty impressive fashion.

                  Whatever happens, I am pleased as punch to be a Viking and I am sure Bryan alums feel the same.

                • ndhater
                  ndhater commented
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                  Dont fool the higher seeding with playing a tougher schedule.... You can beat a bad D3 team and get more points than beating a good D5 team... If PH would have got in they would have won region 20. Just like DSJ getting in at 8 in region 24.... Do you think the other 7 teams played a tougher schedule?...... no.

              • #13
                Originally posted by dr lou View Post
                Not sure what will happen, but I am intrested in hearing the reasons why River Valley is such a big dog apparently. They played a much more difficult schedule (as evidenced by the #1 seed).
                Without picking sides , seed ranking means a little of nothing. Comparable to preferred seating at a concert. Look at Region 16 Saturday Night....the lower seeds hit 4 for 4.


                • dr lou
                  dr lou commented
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                  My point was I think they have played a harder schedule. I hope that matters in the end, but it may not.

              • #14
                Some stats for all u guys RV scores 37.2 points a game including last night Bryan scores around 47. RV on avg gives up around 17 Points on d Bryan is are 14. When it comes to competition does anyone know if RV played any teams ranked in the top eight in the state Bryan did twice Wauseon 8 and Genoa third. Bryan lead the whole game last night and when Genoa tied it Bryan drove the field to take the lead right back if Bryan gets up on RV do they have to offensive to get away from the run if it doesn't work.


                • dr lou
                  dr lou commented
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                  Loudonville and North Union were both highly ranked in Division 5. Bryan may he the better team, and they are probably favored, but you are going to have a hard time convincing me that they played a harder schedule.

              • #15
                A big concern for this game is that I have been told RV is not considered to be a very physical team. If that is true this game could get ugly. Genoa dominates most games because they are so physical, Bryan matched that and more. Both sides layed the wood and I bet there are some sore players recovering. Don't take offense I just made some calls trying to get some insight on RV that is not in the forums. I am trying to decide if this is the game to see or if I should drive to the Kenton game.