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  • 2013 Licking County League (LCL)

    Let's see if we can list the seniors lost & returning starters/contributors after the season.
    As the season gets closer we'll start to predict the starting lineups for 2013, and predict the final standings for next year.

    Johnstown Record: 10-3 JV: Record: 9-0 Frosh: 0-3

    Lose 13 Seniors:
    Bailey Duncan*** WR
    Preston Hiles** K/WR
    Corbin Grassman**** LB/TE
    Scott Sammons* WR/DB
    Tyler Thompson*** QB/DB
    Nick Sadinsky*** WR/FS
    Daniel Mark Almendinger** OLB
    Adam Carter*** FB
    Brandon Dingess* C
    Garrett Holter* DT
    Justin Mooney* OT
    Tim Sayer**** OG/DE
    Dakota Crawford*** OG/DT

    Returning Starters**/Contributors* (Senior Lost):
    DE: Clayton Bullard**
    DT: Alex Catalogna* (Lose D. Crawford*)
    DT: Joey Norris* & Logan Writesel* (Lose G. Holter**)
    DE/DT: Jake Taylor** (Lose T. Sayer**)
    ILB: Alex Workman* & Eli Dowell* (Lose D. Almendinger**)
    ILB: Cody Farley* & Harrison Johnson* (Lose C. Grassman** & A. Carter*)
    OLB: Zack Fleming** & Nathaneal Ashbrook*
    OLB: Loren Queen**
    DB: Brenden Barasch**
    DB: Alex Workman** (Lose Thompson* and Sammons*)
    FS: (Lose Nick Sadinsky**)

    QB: J. Kirkpatrick* & ?? (Lose T. Thompson**)
    RB: Cody Farley** & Alex Workman* (Lose N. Sadinsky*)
    FB: Alex Workman* or Hopefully Harrison Johnson* (Lose A. Carter**)
    C: (Lose B. Dingess**)
    G: Jake Taylor* (Lose T. Sayer**)
    G: (Lose D. Crawford**)
    T: Alex Catalogna* (Lose J. Mooney**)
    T/G: Aaron Davis** & Clayton Bullard*
    TE: Marcus Nogaj* & Clayton Bullard* (Lose C. Grassman**)
    WR: J. Kirkpatrick** & Sam Branstool* & Trent Coe* (Lose Sammons** & Hiles**)
    WR: Zack Fleming* & Loren Queen* (Lose B. Duncan** & N. Sadinsky*)

    Special Teams:
    LS: Marcus Nogaj* (Lose Corbin Grassman**)
    H: Josh Kirkpatrick**
    P: Charles Benton**
    K(PAT): Charles Benton**
    KO: Charles Benton* (Lose Hiles**)

    Other Juniors/Sophomores on Roster:
    Matt Hollis WR/DB
    Zach Larue WR/DB
    Mitchell Montgomery OL/DL
    Matt Walton OL/DL
    Justin Rucker OL/DL
    Nate Bailey OL/DL
    Jonathan Cox OL/DL
    Vince Walls LB/WR
    Cody Thompson WR/DB

    Top Freshmen:
    Trent Coe* QB/WR/DB (played some Varsity at WR)
    Alex Catalogna* OL/DL (played considerable Varsity time OL/DL)
    Hayden Bullard (LB/RB)
    Cole Wasierski RB/LB/FS
    Nick Shisler FB/OL/LB
    Nate Brown FB/LB

    There may be a couple of current 8th graders who could see time next year!
    Last edited by 57chevy; 11-19-2012, 04:26 PM.

  • #2
    Alot of shoes to fill but I trust Coach Carter I see you have Kirkpatrick as Qb Dont know if they will use him seeing he throws Alot might switch Johnstown football around


    • #3
      Kirkpatrick is the player with experience from this year, he was the backup QB and replaced Thompson against Heath for a drive. Kirkpatrick has had issues with fumbling. I'm not predicting starters yet, just what Jtown returns. A lot could happen going into next year!
      Last edited by 57chevy; 11-21-2012, 03:00 PM.


      • #4
        I pulled a program from a NC game I went to. They lose 10 seniors. Kevin Bourne would be the biggest loss but they also lose Mitch Cox, DJ DeVito, Drew Buchanan, Brian Schumaker, Spencer Magers, Zach Noth, Ethan Romine, Brock Cecutti and Nate Noth.
        There are a lot of backs on that list but I am sure they have plenty of backs left for next year. Only a couple of boys from the line so they should be pretty strong there next year.


        • #5
          20 seniors next year. I want us to be full strength for the LCL.
          I think the small div should be a showdown at frank h chambers stadium week 7
          For title. Not sure who wins the big div


          • #6
            Are there going to be two divisions? If so, what are the breakdowns


            • #7
              Originally posted by bigdude_222 View Post
              Are there going to be two divisions? If so, what are the breakdowns
              Go to the league and conference changes forum it will tell you.


              • #8
                Only two divisions for football:
                Licking Valley
                Licking Heights
                Watkins Memorial
                Newark Catholic


                • #9
                  Ok, will there be crossover games or just 5 in each league?


                  • #10
                    You will play all 5 crossover games, but you can opt out of 2 each year, if either team does not want to play it cancels the game. So you have to play 3 but can play more.


                    • #11
                      Next year's schedules are in here I believe


                      • #12
                        The mandatory crossover concept is going to be the death of this league.......despite what the scheduling coordinator thinks..........there are far to many lose/lose scenarios associated with it(football related).

                        Personally if I was the LCL I would go after a fourteen team alignment.

                        Go after Sheridan and West Muskingum in the large school as both districts draw from the county.
                        Go after Danville and East Knox in the small school.

                        Travel for both divisions with these 4 additions would not be an for crossovers.........all would be voluntary and not counted in league standings
                        Last edited by nc_ou_alum; 11-23-2012, 06:42 PM. Reason: sp


                        • #13
                          Centerburg might not be a bad fit either... maybe Millersport I know they have been awful in football lately, but they were relevant early in the 2000s. Just because they have been bad doesn't mean they wouldn't fit in the small school and they are not too far away.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by 57chevy View Post
                            Centerburg might not be a bad fit either... maybe Millersport I know they have been awful in football lately, but they were relevant early in the 2000s. Just because they have been bad doesn't mean they wouldn't fit in the small school and they are not too far away.
                            I thought about the Burg, forgot about Millersport. IMO opinion you have got to keep the divisions balanced so that they are able to cover each other in scheduling if needed.........these two would both be in the small school so now you're at 7 and 9 if my 4 previous additions are factored. One of the smalls would have to move up. Not sure which one it would be.......guesssing Jtown........I doubt they would want to make that move.
                            Last edited by nc_ou_alum; 11-23-2012, 06:43 PM. Reason: sp


                            • #15
                              West Muskingum would not want to join the large league. They are going to be division 5 next year and have pay to play.