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  • 7-1 Newark Catholic At 6-2 Granville

    Huge game this Thursday in Granville and its on TV.

    Granville stands #9 in Region 9, so they are playing for their playoff life in week 9 and 10.
    The new LCL set up has not helped Granville as they were forced to smaller schools (Utica and Johnstown) add tot hat they opted to play Heath, also a smaller school. These schools have combined to win just 7 games, with Johnstown earning four of the wins.

    Newark Catholic, with their 7 wins looks to have a playoff birth wrapped up.
    The Green Wave have hopes of securing a home playoff game, so this is a huge game for them too.

    Granville has dominated this series with five straight wins.

    Newark Catholic has won against Watkins and Johnstown to games that were big I.M.O.
    Their only defeat was another loss to Ready, who also defeated the Green Wave last season.

    Granville pasted Lakewood in week 8,while Newark Catholic defeated Northridge by 20. In that game Newark Catholic jumped out to a 41-0 lead, and then took ouit the starting offense and defense9wellmost of) and watched the back up unit struggle the entire 2nd half.

    This week the starters will be needed all four quarters if the Green Wave are to bring the schools longest losing streak in the school's history against Granville.

    For Granville it appears they will try and do what they have done in the past against Newark Catholic that has led to the long winning streak.

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    it on thursday nite lites to watch on internet or find the channel number in your area it is channel 5 on uverse and channel 18 or 19 in newark warner cable. ncf johnstown was not forced to play granville they have played each other 90 times. they had played non league 1st game since 1991 and granville was playing utica non league. so that is why i said why cant we play in LCL if they are going to play non did beat granville in 2007 and holds a large lead in all time series.


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      I thought that(Johnstown/Granville game was a crossover game) that had to be played?
      Last edited by NewarkCatholicFan; 10-19-2013, 01:07 AM.


      • greenwave
        greenwave commented
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        it is a crossover game and does have to be played but you said granville was forced to play johnstown and it is not the case with the two rivals that have been playing since 1925 they want to play in either a crossover or in non league. but def not forced. and with the other teams they agreed to this setup so they were not forced either they could have not joined the lcl but teams like lh granville utica and northridge have no place to go .they scheduled 3 non-league and lh will get in to the playoffs if they just win the last 2 games. neither is ready for occ just ask canal winchester who is 0-8 in the occ.

    • #4
      This is the year NC blows the doors off of Granville and exposes them for the soft program that they really are. And in front of everyone, I might add. This is Newark Catholic's State Championship Year!!!!! D1 Quarterback and huge Senior Class!!! Time to Kick Some G'ville booty!!!! GO GREEN!!!


      • aceswild15
        aceswild15 commented
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        Great bulletin board material for the Aces. Keep it coming!!!! If you look at the past 5 seasons hard to call them Soft anymore. Granville by 14.

    • #5
      Wow Malibu pretty bold prediction considering you haven't beat anyone with a winning record and ready is in your region prediction is gville wins and Newark catholic loss in round 1 ...just how I see it


      • #6
        Soft or not, NC is going to have to hope Granville stops themselves in order for NC to win this one. I would think NC has the ability to be balanced on O, which would be a help too, as Granville's D contiunes to give up lots of yards to any school with a decent offense. I think Granville wins this one pretty easily. Too much offensive firepower for NC.


        • #7
          Newark Catholic seems to run the ball well and they pass it pretty good too.

          I think they, N-C fall in this one because they will play soft coverage on pass defense allowing the talented G-Ville QB to eat them alive and with the Newark Catholic transfer knowing the in and outs of the N.C. offense he will help the G-Ville defense be just that much better on this night.

          I also believe that the G-Ville head coach will be able to make the adjustments needed at halftime to shutdown the N.C. defense in the 2nd half.

          Another big reason is I think G-Ville takes this one is they will get cray pressure on # 7 and I do not think he will run the ball as much as he will need to. I see him forcing a lot of unnecessary passes, not because he is not smart enough to run the ball, because he is. I think he will be instructed to throw the ball away.

          Of course I have been wrong twice this season when it comes to the G-Wave.


          • #8
            I think Granville streak stops this year. NC 35-24


            • #9
              After seeing LH and Johnstown both play, teams that Granville struggled against I just do not think they are that tough this year. I see NC in a close one.


              • Hammerdrill
                Hammerdrill commented
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                I think way too much is being made of Jtown playing Granville close. It easily could have been 34-0 at the half, again Granville stopped itself. Then they had a 2+ hr halftime. Sure the team who was down is going to come out more motivated, and johnstown did. Granville had lost focus. I don;t expect any focus issues here, and I expect that the NC transfer will play some inspired defense, and he was already very good.

              • 57chevy
                57chevy commented
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                Johnstown could sit around and say they stopped themselves in all 4 of their games then. It's too hard to predict some of these games because the talent is so equal and each team has it's own uniqueness. I think the difference in this game is that NC can run the ball and Granville is a pass only team. NC wins a close one!

            • #10
              I don't see Granville pulling it off. NC is a very solid team this season.


              • #11
                Look at how many picked lh over lv and i knew lv would win and picked them


                • #12
                  If Johnstown can get get 3 to 4 passes on NC thats saying alot NC has a hard time on Pass Defense the game I saw was Crouch and the Rb offense Granville wins this one with alot of passing


                  • #13
                    I think(and no this is not criticizing) it's just my thoughts on the Green Wave pass defense.

                    They play a very soft coverage allowing any one who can throw the ball to complete passes on them.
                    This more times then not keeps the defender from getting burnt (though they have been toasted a time or three) and saves from long gains through the air.

                    I think this will be a killer against Granville.
                    Granville has a talented QB, who will be able to pick apart that soft coverage and they have enough speed to get big gains, with the short to med passing game.


                    • #14
                      I think there will be a lot of points. I think Granville wins a close one but it wouldn't shock me to see NC win either.

                      I think both are solid teams but neither is going anywhere in the post season. Frankly Granville probably won't make it as I don't see them beating LV even if they pull this one off. NC can win a game in the post season but they are hardly the favorite for their region. That said NC is def. getting stronger as the season moves along.


                      • Hammerdrill
                        Hammerdrill commented
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                        Agree, I will be shocked if Granville beats Valley

                    • #15
                      I see Catholic winning in the playoffs until they meet Ready. With a good gameplan they can win that game but it would be tough.


                      • Hammerdrill
                        Hammerdrill commented
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                        I would think they can win at least until Ready. They essentially play D3 and D4 schools, which is a great way to prepare for D6 playoff games.

                      • CoreyHunter
                        CoreyHunter commented
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                        Which if the playoffs had started would be one game. They would have started at Centerburg which would be a tough game but they'd likely win - then play Ready in the 2nd round.

                        There are a couple other teams in the region that could give NC a good game.