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  • o.a.b.
    Reply to What is Mrs. Clintons main accomplishment?
    Wow........worrying more about the other parties candidate instead of hunting for a viable nominee from your own party. Looks like FOUR MORE YEARS of LOSERVILLE for the Repubs. You'd think after whining...
    Today, 04:15 PM
  • USA70PP
    Reply to The Quest for Lord Stanley's Cup 2014
    Your descriptions of last night remind me very much of the first time the Washington Capitals made the play-offs. The atmosphere sounds like it was much the same. Ice hockey fans, here or in Europe,...
    Today, 03:59 PM
  • ripmeister
    Reply to What is Mrs. Clintons main accomplishment?
    [QUOTE=Homer Falcon;n1139979]I guess my list of Hillary's "accomplishments" didn't come across as I intended. I see a woman of privilege, QUOTE]

    Seriously? Let compare to some...
    Today, 03:27 PM

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  • what brand football does your team use?

    Dimples, stitches, size are all reasons different teams use different brands...what do you use and why?

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    When I was there, my school might as well have used Playskool or Mattel. We were that bad. Now not so much. They won a state title in 2005. As far as what they actually use, I have no idea. They are 1000 miles away.


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      the newer wilson can think of the type for some reason. not a huge fan of them


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        Would be nice if schools used Ohio made footballs.


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          Wilson GST