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  • oldfart67
    Reply to 7-6-14 Madison Comp. Summer Tourney Varsity Results
    Does Madison still have there tall girl gross or however you spell it. I seen a wmfd video of them practicing and didn't see her at all
    Today, 02:06 PM
  • 14Red
    Reply to Cincinnati Reds 2014
    Well, looks like we'll be back to 6 games, Reds down 3-1 late, Brewers up 5-0 late. Nice bounce back start by Simon, one mistake and it hurts. As I'd posted before, when you're struggling, you try...
    Today, 02:05 PM
  • bird
    Reply to Cincinnati Reds 2014
    Well I've got to run here but the Reds are down to their last four outs, trailing 3-0. They've actually put a lot of guys on base so far today, with eight hits and five walks. But nothing across the plate...
    Today, 02:00 PM

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  • TRAC (Three Rivers Athletic Conference) and NLL (Northern Lakes League) Fans

    Well, I thought I was going to let my membership lapse, but then I got the word that JJ Huddle was "Free At Last!". So, I figured what the hey, maybe I'd hang around another year.

    I'd like to encourage any of you TRAC and NLL fans that may be lurking out there to tell some friends get a handle, and log in to the Huddle. Maybe we can get some spicy threads going like the good old days!

    Also, feel free to start a petition to have the SUA athletic director to rehire the Arrowdome announcer. Word is the guy may go into major volleyball withdrawl since his daughter may be a little too far away to see play on a regular basis.