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2014 Rule Changes

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  • 2014 Rule Changes

    Sadly, it's a little too quiet here so I figured I should stir the pot and get everybody riled up with some rule changes coming for next fall

    My feelings:
    -school name or mascot on uniform...not a big deal. You will have more problems in 2 years when the solid colored jersey comes into effect. I hope the schools can get it straight in 2 years.

    -2nd referee whistling the ball "out" in regards to the antenna on his/her side of the net. Probably has already been in practice (I hope?) so this is probably just a verbiage/rule book editorial add.

    -whistling to end the timeout if both teams are ready and the :60 seconds hasn't expired. Only makes sense. If you aren't going to use the full time with the team at your bench, then why keep the game delayed? If they're ready, whistle and go.

    -line judges can move to the side, if a server stands near them, to see service line faults. The key here is "if instructed by the 1st referee". Many high schools don't have PAVO trained/paid line judges so they probably stand behind the server in this instance. Not a huge deal. I know there is talk in the NCAA of eliminating the line judge calling a service line fault but haven't heard much lately.

    Not a great deal of change, mostly editorial at that, so don't start with the "stop changing the game" nonsense. These are all common sense things. There are too many coaches/officials out there who will or won't do certain things because the NFHS rule book says so. The rule set is getting more inline with the USAV and NCAA rules/mechanics/protocols.

    Also - I heard they (OHSAA) were proposing the 3-out of-5 format at varsity tri-matches (currently, all varsity non-dual matches were 2-out of-3) and increasing the net height to 7' 4 1/8" for 7th-8th grade...anybody heard anything?

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    Rule changes???? Now all of a sudden you are the judge of coach/officials attititudes. You started the thread with some good info...but after that you sunk the entire idea of the thread.

    Have not heard anything regrading the 3/5 trimatch format. To me it would be a bad one because you may have a team playing almost 10 straight sets...not good.


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      Well, when you've deal with all of the above (coaches/officials) for quite some time, you know that any type of change brings backlash...even if the rules/changes are needed

      Agreed with the 3/5 for Tri-matches. I don't see this benefiting anybody.


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