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National Guard, Bucknuts to Sponsor Weekly JJHuddle Fall Sports Player & Team of the Week Awards

This Fall we are pleased to announce that the Ohio National Guard, Bucknuts and JJHuddle have partnered together to award weekly player and team of the week honors in Football, Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Cross Country, Volleyball, Girls Tennis and Boys & Girls Golf.

Each week during the fall sports seasons (regular and post), we will hold a fan-generated contest on JJHuddle to tab a weekly Team and Player of the Week in each sport. Each weekly winner will receive awards.

There will also be Player & Team of the Year voting in each sport at the conclusion of the respective seasons.

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  • mallymal614t
    Comment on Region 9
    Valid point. Depth does make a difference. Especially late in the year. I just don't want people to get the impression that anytime a team drops a division then it will be automatically easier. Because...
    Today, 02:28 PM
  • stivic
    Reply to Bossman's Central Ohio Pick 'em.....Week 4
    I answered to the DARBY POSTERS ADN HAVE SAID REPEADEDLY FOR the last few years that I really like the program and staff , why do you take tis stuff so personally by the way? I say plenty, not many people...
    Today, 02:19 PM
  • The FC Fan
    Reply to Week4 CW's Thursday Nite Lights; Fisher @ Harvest
    The FC Fan
    For those who are tuning in tomorrow night, here's basically a pre-view and what one should expect. HP has ~30 players on their team while FC has ~25, so there will be a lot of two-way play between both...
    Today, 02:12 PM

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    As far as Upper they are canceling school and bringing buses of students. Should be quite a community following. Others?

  • #2
    Wonder if Upper's transportation Director had anything to do with the busses going to Nutter center


    • #3
      Is McComb shutting down to attend, bswamp?!


      • #4
        Always good followings to these great games!


        • #5
          Originally posted by bswamp View Post
          Wonder if Upper's transportation Director had anything to do with the busses going to Nutter center
          €‹Hired RamPower to drive them to Columbus.


          • #6
            DeSales is closing for the day but I doubt they will take buses on account of they do not even provide busing to school


            • zg1
              zg1 commented
              Editing a comment
              That statement couldn't be further from the truth.. Like that was in every way wrong.. Actually made me laugh.. DeSales absolutely has busing to and from school they are dismissing at noon but students going to the game leave earlier and are riding buses over to The Nutter Center.. They aren't closing school and they have buses for this game(and all state final events at that) and busing to school... Please check before you make statements that are 100% wrong!!!!!!!!!!

          • #7
            Originally posted by VB fan View Post
            Is McComb shutting down to attend, bswamp?!
            I guess for Thursday they are and they asked me to drive the fan bus,they didn't trust me with the team


            • #8
              You'll have the fans in the same frenzy that you'll already have the team pumped to - totally ready for a war. Undefeated but ready to be a fierce underdog. Good luck (driving either bus at States. As others have predicted, your semi-final match is likely to be the " it" match!


              • #9
                See you at the match.