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JJHuddle, National Guard & Bucknuts Ohio HS Weekly Awards: Vote and Nominate

This school year we are pleased to announce that the Ohio National Guard, Bucknuts and JJHuddle have partnered together to award weekly player and team of the week honors in several boys and girls sports.

Each week during the fall, winter and spring sports seasons (regular and post), we will hold a fan-generated contest on JJHuddle to tab a weekly Team and Player of the Week in each sport. Each weekly winner will receive awards.

How it works?
A thread soliciting nominations will be posted/stuck in each sportsí JJHuddle Forum each week. Fans will then nominate top performances. We will announce the weekly finalists (up to 10) on JJHuddle every Monday and voting will be conducted in a special JJHuddle forum. Voting will cease at noon on Friday, after which the winners will be announced.

Click Here to Vote & Nominate:
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    It's not really losing them to other sports anymore, it's losing them to friends who aren't doing anything productive whatsoever and it gets easier and easier to quit if all your "friends" are quitting and are pressuring you. It used to be "cool" to be a successful athlete but now the most athletic thing many kids do is to sit in front of a screen attempting to master various video games. When they have done one, they start on two and so forth and so on. There is also the absolutely required car that you have to put gas in and pay for insurance (or not), and the list goes on and on. Today, they all carry their games with them. Have you ever had a young person walk right into you in a store because they haven't had their head out of their video game long enough to breathe. (For days at a time...)

    Before I retired, in the last ten or so years of my active teaching and coaching career, there were thousands of dollars in scholarship money that was garnered by our athletes. It took a lot of work and dedication, but those words are disappearing from the vocabulary of today's athletes.How can a scholarship begin to compete with a lifetime employment opportunity at Mc Donalds?


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      Originally posted by shawnee View Post
      I want to understand you Mr. 14Red, you come into a track forum and spew hate and say that this sport should be a club event and costs too much money. What is the reason for your post other than to cause controversy and downgrade another sport.

      So do you get your jollies from stirring the pot?? Do you want to make yourself feel better about your self? Or do you just want to spew hatred on things that you can't do? Not every kid in the school can play football or a money making (or zero cost sport) but you want to take away the kids opportunity to compete. Track and Field is typically the largest high school sport with the most kids participating. It is also the sport where a kid can actually receive a college scholarship for excelling in a sport and if you run the numbers, you have a better shot in Track then in football.

      Since you are not an avid Track person and don't really know what is going on in the larger more competitive meets, take your opinions and head back over to a forum where you can actually speak with some knowledge.
      Shawnee, you've missed my intentions, and I maybe didn't explain them very well. There is not a bigger proponent of high school athletics than I am. I wish every kid would play multiple sports. However, I also see the financial aspects of how these athletic departments run.
      The parallell I tried to run is that when schools get down to 15-20 football players, the program should be reviewed (and rightfully so) as to it's future. Programs with that few of kids (including some small freshman) is a struggle to keep going. Shouldn't the same be applied to other programs. I know track is an individual sport and that's great, but look at the cost of a 10 person track team? Especially if that participant does field events which tend to cost more.
      Finally, my main point, which I've not made, is that the underlying theme is that many of these "extra" sports, club volleyball, AAU basketball, etc. has severely hampered the numbers of the spring sports at high schools. Baseball, softball and track are losing kids year after year.


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        14Red, you need to only speak about your school , and not worry about everyone elses. I pay for my kids to play high school sports, not you !!!


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          I guess the definition of "message boards" with an exchange of ideas is just too much for track people to handle. I'm out....


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            14Red, First of all, us track people can handle about anything. Like mentioned above some people have to think outside the box when it comes to funding. At our school we get NO budget to buy things that keep our program going. We have to do fund raising! Fall sports get the money then winter sports gets what is left. Come spring sports the administration decides to look at the budget and sees that they will be in the black then there is a freeze on spring sport purchases. That is what we have to live with and we get it!

            We have in the last 4 years purchased new hurdles, pole vault pit, poles and access, high jump pit and access. computers to run meets, new throwing equipment including lots of hammers. THIS WAS DONE WITH FUND RAISING!!!!So when people like you come on here spreading your hate toward track or any sport with small numbers. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT before you spread your opionion.
            How sports are funded are very important or anything else! Before cuts are made one must consider that because it is a BIG thing!
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              Looks like 14 Red is nothing but a troll !


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                If we look at sports from a cost perspective (which I am totally against), it is pretty simple. A good football program will make some money, while boys' basketball must have a very good year to break even. Pretty much everything else is a money loser. Having said that, so is everything else at a school. The science, English, math ot history class has tremendous costs (teacher's salary, books, computer, electricity, etc.) and produce no income. However since lifelong skills are being taught - these classes are worth every penny. The same holds true with sports.
                I hate the fact that we are even having this discussion. As a student, I had no idea what "pay to play" was. Times were tough 30 years ago, but the community valued the school and the kids. Today, we have allowed people on the extreme to rule the conversation. Many of these people participated in sports when they were students. These sports were paid for by the community, but now as adults, they want to deny these same opportunities to today's students. John Wooden once said, "Happiness begins when selfishness ends". It is too bad that some adults don't take his advice.


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                  Well said Red.


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                    Great post!


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                      I am not here to argue how profitable our sport is but I will tell you that I do not believe the quality of the sport is falling off. All you have to do is go to the state meet and year after year there are records falling and the gap between DI and DIII appears to be narrowing ever so slightly.

                      I just attended a DIII small school conference meet tonight and witnessed some amazing races. I witnessed a 58 second last lap of a mile where the winner ran 4:13 and second place is a distance 4:20, that would stand on the podium at state any year. I saw two girls go 5:00 and 5:06 in the mile. Then in the 2 mile I saw the same individual run a 2:10 last 800 and run 9:28 in the 3200 and it took 10:22 to even place. I know 10:22 is not a blazing time but to have that kind of depth at a DIII conference meet is awesome. Also, the girls pole vault champion cleared 12', which would have placed is amazing since 10 years ago many schools wouldn't even allow girls to do pole vault and now they are competitive with many males in the event.

                      I have only been out of high school a little over 10 years and the times at this conference meet were faster than an entire Regional field. I realize that this doesn't include all track events, it is a mere sampling of how track and field is very strong right now.


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