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  • North/Side
    Comment on Stuebenville Vs Beechcroft thoughts
    Your a joke that's what you are. And you have no evidence to back up your claims. People need to step back and realize that both teams took part. As a Beechcroft alum I'm shocked by what happened after...
    Today, 12:14 AM
  • cross_block
    Reply to Huron vs. Coldwater
    Sorry, sportsvideo. While I am sure that your intent is proper, as a former Sandusky resident (Perkins), I can attest to the general belief that people from Huron are arrogant, flutey-snoots, and have...
    Today, 12:08 AM
  • walt
    Reply to Pickerington Central dominated by a Cincinnati team again!
    So....where's your thread about St X being dominated by Moelller AGAIN? Looks like Pick Central put up more of a fight against Mighty Moe than St X did....
    Today, 12:06 AM

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  • HEY KIDS! Lets help out old man Howl..

    Few of the essentials:

    1. Stopped running after I graduated in 2010. Been about a year and a half since I worked out/ran consistently.
    2. I'm recovering from shoulder surgery.

    Ok.. now I've never been one to START running, especially after a long layoff of inactivity. I need some pointers. Now, I'm not a bloated fatty, but I'm not exactly the ripped 6 pack I was in college. So.. help me out guys! Any links/tips/things you've done is appreciated. I'd like to get back to my sprinter shape (I don't plan on running the mile like in college, but I'd like to be somewhat competitive in the 400/800 again.

    Lets do this!

  • #2
    Howl, I'm a distance guy who quit running for many years then made a bit of a comeback & ran 3 half marathons after the age of 47. Obviously you are not that you can speed up your comeback with ease. I started with walking/running making it comfortable. I didn't push very hard until I was able to build up some endurance and stamina. For a sprinter I'm not quite sure of the approach to take. I would still think you need some sort of distance to get all those muscles, tendons, and ligaments ready for the workload of sprinting. My best advice is to take it slow at first, avoid injury/setbacks, then build on that base with your sprint workouts.