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    I am confused as to what the moac split is, they say east west but you have elgin and galion mixed up for that, and big small, fairbanks and highland. i would like them to split it one way or another. i have the enrollment numbers on another computer, but in short
    elgin Boys Class A (152)Girls Class A (157)
    Galion Boys Class AAA (215) GirlsClass AAA (216)
    Highland Boys Class AA (234) Girls Class AA (213)

    So MOAC What are you doing, geographically Galion fits with the East split, it is smaller than/ same size as highland. it is only 60 students more than elgin, which seems like alot, but the reason for expansion was reduced travel. so please reevaluate. Either split by size or location!!!


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      Buckeye Valley Boys Class AA (303)
      Rivervalley Boys Class AA (259)
      Jonathan Alder Boys Class AA (252)
      Highland Boys Class AA (234)
      Upper Sandusky Boys Class AAA (216)
      Galion Boys Class AAA (215)
      North Union Boys Class AA (194)
      Pleasant Boys Class A (166)
      East Knox Boys Class A (165)
      Elgin Boys Class A (152)
      Mt. Gilead Boys Class A (147)
      Centerburg Boys Class A (146)
      Fredricktown Boys Class A (144)
      Cardington Boys Class A (143)
      Fairbanks Boys Class A (141)
      Northmor Boys Class A (129)

      Buckeye Valley Girls Class AA (263)
      Jonathan Alder Girls Class AA (244)
      Rivervalley Girls Class AA (221)
      Galion Girls Class AAA (216)
      Highland Girls Class AA (213)
      Upper Sandusky Girls Class AAA (205)
      Pleasant Girls Class A (164)
      North Union Girls Class AA (160)
      Elgin Girls Class A (157)
      Fredricktown Girls Class A (150)
      Centerburg Girls Class A (149)
      Mt. Gilead Girls Class A (149)
      Cardington Girls Class A (139)
      Northmor Girls Class A (138)
      East Knox Girls Class A (128)
      Fairbanks Girls Class A (128)

      Buckeye Valley 283
      Jonathan Alder 248
      Rivervalley 240
      Highland 223.5
      Galion 215.5
      Upper Sandusky 210.5
      North Union 177
      Pleasant 165
      Elgin 154.5
      Mt. Gilead 148
      Fredricktown 147
      Centerburg 147.5
      East Knox 146.5
      Cardington 141
      Fairbanks 134.5
      Northmor 133.5

      Galion to

      Fairbanks 60.4 mi, 1 hour 20 mins
      Jonathan Alder 59.5 mi, 1 hour 16 mins
      North Union 39.1 mi, 55 mins
      Buckeye Valley 36.2 mi, 48 mins
      Upper Sandusky 32.4 mi, 34 mins
      Pleasant 28.4 mi, 43 mins
      River Valley 18.8 mi, 27 mins
      Ave 39.25mi, 51.85 min

      East Knox 45.7 mi, 1 hour 4 mins
      CenterBurg 37.3 mi, 1 hour 0 mins
      Fredricktown 30.3 mi, 42 mins
      Highland 28.7 mi, 39 mins
      Cardington 19.6 mi, 28 mins
      Mt. Gilead 13.1 mi, 19 mins
      Northmor 9.2 mi, 16 mins
      Ave 26.27mi, 38.29 mins

      Elgin / Galion 29.9 mi, 51 mins

      Elgin to
      East Knox 58.9 mi, 1 hour 28 mins
      Centerburg 48.5 mi, 1 hour 11 mins
      Fredricktown 41.7 mi, 1 hour 9 min
      Highland 38.5 mi, 1 hour 0 mins
      Northmor 32.3 mi, 55 min
      Cardington 23.2 mi, 43 mins
      Mt Gilead 25.2 mi, 49 mins

      Ave 38.33mi, 1 hour 14 min

      Jonathan Alder 43.3 mi, 1 hour 2 mins
      Fairbanks 37.2 mi, 58 mins
      Upper Sandusky 29.3 mi, 48 mins
      Buckeye Valley 25.4 mi, 41 mins
      River Valley 15.0 mi, 32 mins
      North union 12.4 mi, 23 mins
      Pleasant 8.2 mi, 23 mins

      Ave 24.4mi, 41 mins

      Enrollment “East”
      Ave. 155.19
      Mode 147.5
      Range 90

      Enrollment “West”
      Range 149.5

      East with out Elgin but with Galion
      Ave. 162.82

      West without Galion but with Elgin
      Ave 201.57
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        As we have discussed, Highland wants no part of the large school division and neither does Elgin. Both have threatened to take their ball and go home if put in with the bigger schools. Because Highland won't budge you can't have a perfect big school/small school split. Because Elgin won't budge you can't have a perfect East/West split. Consequently, Galion gets put in with the larger schools because they fit size wise and Fairbanks gets put in the division because they fit geographically. Is this a perfect solution... absolutely not. Will it probably lead to more schools jumping in and out of the league sooner rather than later.... my guess is yes. But it is what we have for now.


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          Those AAA, AA, A classifications are meaningless when determining what Division a school plays in, in any sport. They are only used for OHSAA Governance Classifications.


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