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National Guard, Bucknuts to Sponsor Weekly JJHuddle Fall Sports Player & Team of the Week Awards

This Fall we are pleased to announce that the Ohio National Guard, Bucknuts and JJHuddle have partnered together to award weekly player and team of the week honors in Football, Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Cross Country, Volleyball, Girls Tennis and Boys & Girls Golf.

Each week during the fall sports seasons (regular and post), we will hold a fan-generated contest on JJHuddle to tab a weekly Team and Player of the Week in each sport. Each weekly winner will receive awards.

There will also be Player & Team of the Year voting in each sport at the conclusion of the respective seasons.

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  • SEOAL------>TVC?

    Comes a bit as a shocker, but I don't see Athens wanting them in the league, along with the other small schools.......

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    Good read. Always interesting to see the constant movement of teams in Southeast/Southern Ohio.


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      I just don't see the TVC taking them in. I mean should they really consider taking them in? What are your thoughts on this?


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        it appears that Jackson, Warren and Gallipolis were the first to apply and then Logan also applied to the TVC and also to the MSL. Gallia has a standing invite to OVC so there is that option. One of Athens reasons for leaving the SEOAL was that they hit a bad stretch were they werent very competitive in football and basketball. Judging by their recent successes I think that won't be an issue. Gallia has mentioned (taken from the Logan Daily News and Athens Messenger) that they would like to stay with the SEOAL members, but they have an option not to. Looks like the TVC is also getting River Valley. I could see them letting Jackson, Warren and Gallia in and saying sorry to the Chiefs. Could see Logan heading to the MSL as they have been said to be looking to add 2 more teams. Logan seems to be more of a geographical fit to the north and the other 3 to the south. Sad to see the SEOAL going away, but it's too far of a haul for away games anymore for all of those teams...and by teams i mean the remaining 4 after this year.

        To address whether or not the TVC should take them in???? they could do what the MSL has done and create a 3rd division and realign the 20 teams. It wouldn't solve the travel distances as the 4 from the SEOAL would all be about the same size, but it could create a good division. Logan, Gallia, Jackson, Warren, Athens, and the next two biggest. nothing would really be thrown out of balance.

        It'll be interesting to see what plays out. And in the article they said the SEOAL could bring back two old member Marietta and Athens, but other than that who else would you get? There arent really any other teams in the area that would fit.


        • #5
          Don't think the MSL takes Logan, IMO. They would have to play in the Buckeye and that already has eight teams, while the small school division only has six. Tradition dictates the MSL and I think if Logan were to get in, it'd have to be a part of a bigger re-alignment than the MSL just recently underwent. The only team I can see getting shoved out of the Buckeye would be Amanda, but like I said, I think every AD and Super would be opposed to that.

          I think the next time the MSL aligns, they're going to do what some schools had wanted a long time ago and have MSL competition be mostly intra-Fairfield County schools like it used to be in the 80's and early 90's.


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            And they have all been shot down


            To which I ask of the schools, now what?


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              Ouch!!!!! Guess now it's on to plan c? It looks like Galia is the only one that has any options. Any suggestions from anyone? I mean even if the SEOAL tries to get more teams to join who's it going to be? The teams that had potential to join have already joined and left. From the way it looks the SEOAL is paddling up the Ohio and the Hocking. It would be nice to see the SEOAL stick together but how?