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Thoughts on Super - Sectionals?

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  • Thoughts on Super - Sectionals?

    I know some Districts have whats called Super Sectionals. I wanted feedback on this. What are the Pro & cons? A super sectional normally have teams of about 15-18. I'm use to regular sectionals where you have about 8 teams in it. What are the advantages? Any feed back would be great. I know our district is in the process of possibly going to the Super Sectional format.

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    I think most of the big city's do it... I know the central district puts all the teams in each division in one group and it's a fun draw...
    heck D1 in the central district for example has 47 teams in the sectional - that is one big draw with 4 district titles and 47 slots and 47 teams... makes for some fun strategy

    Upside? you don't have two great teams playing early...
    downside... you have a lot of really bad games early...


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      I like how the central district does it. It rewards good teams on having great seasons by not forcing a bunch of difficult games just based on geography. Gahanna, Reynoldburg, the two Picks are all within 10 miles of each other. Imagine a sectional or super-sectional with those teams in the past few years.

      Of course geography has a lot to do with it. Some of the more spreadout districts may be difficult.

      But the chief advantage is the draw, teams have some control over dates, locations, and opponents to some extent. A district that is trending to be strong will quickly be avoided by lower seeded teams.


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        I think it makes sense in the central district due to proximity. In NW Ohio for example, you have schools spread out by 2-3 hour drives. Frankly, you'd have very few fans following due to the drive, especially for bad girls basketball. Many don't go support the girls for regular season home games.


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