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  • Rules Re Practice Hours???

    I know colleges have rules with regard to the number of hours teams are permitted to practice/week. Does OHSAA address this issue re either girls or boys basketball? I looked at the general OHSAA and basketball specific sections and either I have missed it or there is nothing in there. Thx.

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    The OHSAA doesn't have any rules...
    They leave that up to the schools...

    Heck how would they enforce it? It would be like the "only follow if you feel like it" 10 day rule...

    If they had a two hour limit you'd just say you practiced two hours and the other two hours the girls practiced themselves and the coaching staff just happened to be there...


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      Personally,I think some of these high school coaches are out of control with some of the crap they pull.The "non-mandatory" work-outs where they tell you that you better not miss, the "non-mandatory"open gyms,the subtle threats that are made,the win at all cost mentality,practices until 9 pm during the school week and the list goes on. What ends up happening is that the kids that aren't die-hards won't play.I have a particular friend at one rural school whose kid played varsity,jv and freshman football.Rule states 50 qtrs a yr. permitted.The coaches don't abide by half the rules set forth in high school sports.


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        Very, very difficult and delicate situation that you bring up. On one hand, look at the successful programs in your area. One thing you'll notice is they practice...alot. They put the time in, they are disciplined, they work hard at it. Likewise, look at the struggling programs in your area. Most change coaches every couple of years. The get little off season commitment from the kids. There's always "something else to do". I've felt that if a coach can run a tight ship AND keep the kids coming out for his or her sport, than so be it. But it can turn around in a hurry.


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          I think after 2 hours or so of practice high school kids lose focus and you are not gaining much if you are teaching plays and skills.... Now if you add weightlifting or another activity then you may still be getting a return on your investment. There is a balance to strike- yes hard work equals success but hard focused organized practices for a reasonable time may get coaches further


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            Hey I coached at a HS that didn't allow more than 2 hour practices OR ANY practice on Sundays, Saturdays or Wednesdays... so...

            14Red you are to some extent right that it can turn around in a hurry BUT there are only a VERY limited # of places that you can demand the type of time from your kids... a rural area that has enough support to not be totally revenue starved where there is simply nothing else to do and the schools don't put an emphasis on anything else... A large wealthy suburb... a private school that has a good AAU hookup...

            I got our now 7th grader into basketball a couple years ago... she'd go to HS practices with me and played in a league from 4th -6th. Did okay... but along the way she got into band: her HS has a huge, active band (D2 school that has over 100 kids in band in each grade starting in 5th! AND a summer 4H band... AND she got into soccer...

            15 girls started out in that 5th grade group... only 5 of those 15 went out for 7th grade and only 2 other girls in the school did... they had 108 in band (probably 60 girls)... 7 on the basketball team... ours simply didn't want to go out... she's at indoor soccer practice right now...

            many HS kids get jobs... they have to

            BTW - you also say look at the school in your area...

            the current most successful school in our area rarely puts a team in the local pre-middle school rec league and is middle of the pack in middle school... doesn't put in any more time than anyone else... BUT they have a couple very active folks in AAU and get one or two transfers as freshmen every year... now certainly they put in hard work to get there but it had nothing to do with the HS or HS coach! (well not THAT HS anyway)

            we've simply lost sight of what HS sports is about...
            we consider a program successful that wins titles... rather than one that has more kids
            I'm not nearly as impressed with titles as numbers...
            you show me a program with 40 kids in the HS teams and I'll be impressed

            Harvest Prep got a bunch of girls to transfer in and won two state titles... two years later they enter their second season in a row not fielding a team... is that a success or an epic failure?


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              YOu are right buckeyedan, it's fantasy football anymore. Just go season to season, see which school your friends go to. No cultivation of putting a program together year after year. I hate the transfer rules now, and it's only going to get worse.

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