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National Guard, Bucknuts to Sponsor Weekly JJHuddle Fall Sports Player & Team of the Week Awards

This Fall we are pleased to announce that the Ohio National Guard, Bucknuts and JJHuddle have partnered together to award weekly player and team of the week honors in Football, Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Cross Country, Volleyball, Girls Tennis and Boys & Girls Golf.

Each week during the fall sports seasons (regular and post), we will hold a fan-generated contest on JJHuddle to tab a weekly Team and Player of the Week in each sport. Each weekly winner will receive awards.

There will also be Player & Team of the Year voting in each sport at the conclusion of the respective seasons.

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  • mallymal614t
    Comment on Region 9
    Valid point. Depth does make a difference. Especially late in the year. I just don't want people to get the impression that anytime a team drops a division then it will be automatically easier. Because...
    Today, 02:28 PM
  • stivic
    Reply to Bossman's Central Ohio Pick 'em.....Week 4
    I answered to the DARBY POSTERS ADN HAVE SAID REPEADEDLY FOR the last few years that I really like the program and staff , why do you take tis stuff so personally by the way? I say plenty, not many people...
    Today, 02:19 PM
  • The FC Fan
    Reply to Week4 CW's Thursday Nite Lights; Fisher @ Harvest
    The FC Fan
    For those who are tuning in tomorrow night, here's basically a pre-view and what one should expect. HP has ~30 players on their team while FC has ~25, so there will be a lot of two-way play between both...
    Today, 02:12 PM

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  • Enjoy your kids activities

    This is a just a general rant...

    I'm amazed how some parents take little interest in their kid's activities. There are many summer team camps, games, tournaments that kids never have anyone come and watch. Now some may argue that parents should not be involved in these games, it's about the kids/ coach, don't smother kid's, etc. And I agree with that to a point. Some people don't have jobs that allow them to get to these week day, day long events.
    But more often than not, I just see parents who are more worried about their own lives, keeping vacation days for the trip to the lake, or other vacations.
    These are your kids and their lives, it's finite! It will end soon. I've always felt that parents, you've got the rest of your lives to do all those vacation things. Even if you don't like the sport, go support your kids. They notice when you don't support the things they are doing. It's so hard these days to keep kids on the right track, and by not supporting your kids at these events, you're saying that it's not worth your time. That's sad.

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    I've been coaching summer baseball for the last 6 summers and began to notice the bell curve is completely off. Parents on laptops reading/surfing net, believe it or not sleeping, or just flat out leaving. Then you have the helicopter/dragon/stage or whatever you want to call them that are extremely over bearing and living through their child. The middle, which is the parent who are supportive and attentive, are just not there. The curve is upside down and its upsetting. Most of these observations come from games 6:00 pm or later when most are home from work.


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      Originally posted by 14Red View Post
      This is a just a general rant...

      I'm amazed how some parents take little interest in their kid's activities. There are many summer team camps, games, tournaments that kids never have anyone come and watch.
      Some don't have parents, and some have parents that work multiple jobs to make ends meet.


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        Originally posted by TheRanker View Post
        Some don't have parents, and some have parents that work multiple jobs to make ends meet.
        Yes, some do, very, very few. There are more who don't take an active role at all in their kids activites than those who can't come due to work.


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          Enjoy it now. Most kids are done with sports after their young age.


          • #6
            It is hard but I try to make out time for my kids ...


            • #7
              My kids are all grown and now have families of their own, but when they were growing up my wife and I made sure one or both of us were at all most all events. I could not believe when a parent would drop the child off for the game and would return at the game's end to pick them up. When my (youngest) son graduated high school and his athletic activities can to an end my wife and I had with drawl from having the pleasure of watching my son play sports. I would wish that pain on every parent because it makes for great memories.


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                I retired as an active classroom teacher about three plus years ago. I am still coaching but it gets increasingly difficult to maintain the level of interest and excitement it requires to be an effective coach when your biggest enemy isn't your schedule or your athletes and their issues, but rather your parents.

                Last season we had a huge competition early in our schedule which would show our kids just how good we were and it had been circled on the schedule as a key contest. One parent informed me that they had planned a family trip for that day and they would be taking their daughter with them. The excuse was that it was the only day they could do this. I pass out schedules very early. Everyone gets one in the Summer for the coming season. I, (silly me) expect that if an athlete has made a commitment to a sport, then parents and athlete (s) will do all they can to arrange for that specific day to be open for their child's competition. (and they will also have the day open so they can come and support their athlete). I guess that isn't all that important any more.

                The trip turned out to be about a 90 minute car ride to a seasonal location. I'm guessing it wasn't planned out but rather was a last minute idea that boiled down to a drive, a lunch, and a day of shopping. Things like this really upset me. They shouldn't, because responsibility and commitment are right next to the dinosaur in the level of importance parents sometimes place on their children's activities....or should we say the parents interests and desires are really the issue when an athlete isn't there to participate with his or her team.

                I still coach but the Spring and Summer are really nice around here usually (not counting this rather blustery Winter season), and I really like to get out and ride my bike as many of you know and I may just do that here rather soon.....and unlike some parents, I really have been thinking seriously about retiring for several years but I made a pledge to try and get something going and I want to honor it but It get's harder to contemplate every day.

                I must say in closing however, that I also have some wonderful caring parents who support their kids faithfully and enthusiastically, and they are the ones who keep me coming back. Unfortunately it seems that those type parents are a vanishing breed. It's really too bad.


                • 14Red
                  14Red commented
                  Editing a comment
                  No doubt Lancer. Our world has changed so much. People want to "have it all" now. They want to go on vacations, and have the star players on sports teams. They want to live in the nicest neighborhoods, drive nice cars. Kids have $150 basketball shoes and usually multiple pairs. I've said a kids athletic career now is from about age 8-15. Once they get to high school, have daily practices, have to fully commit time and work hard, they drift away. Title IX was created or equality in opportunity for females, yet girls are leaving sports in droves. Not because of opportunity, they just don't want to do it anymore. Too hard.

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                Came across this thread while taking a closer look at the Huddle. Even though it has been more than 55 years since I graduated high school I still remember my mom and dad being at every basketball game I ever played and my dad being at every baseball game I ever played except for the week he was hospitalized because of blood loss from a bleeding ulcer. Our school was too small for football or they would have been there also. Yes, this was in a different time, but some of my teammates whose parents were hardly, if ever, in attendance had a different outlook on life in general. Almost a "I can do for myself. I don't need help." attitude.


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                  I think it depends on the district USA. Parents tend to not go to things in the big cities, some due to employment (which is perfectly fine). In the smaller bergs however, you typically see guys packed with fans, generation after generation coming to see the local high school team play. High school sports is still a great entertainment value, better than movies and definitely shopping!


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                    My parents attended all my activities and we did my daughter also.
                    They grow up fast.