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JJHuddle, National Guard & Bucknuts Ohio HS Weekly Awards: Vote and Nominate

This school year we are pleased to announce that the Ohio National Guard, Bucknuts and JJHuddle have partnered together to award weekly player and team of the week honors in several boys and girls sports.

Each week during the fall, winter and spring sports seasons (regular and post), we will hold a fan-generated contest on JJHuddle to tab a weekly Team and Player of the Week in each sport. Each weekly winner will receive awards.

How it works?
A thread soliciting nominations will be posted/stuck in each sportsí JJHuddle Forum each week. Fans will then nominate top performances. We will announce the weekly finalists (up to 10) on JJHuddle every Monday and voting will be conducted in a special JJHuddle forum. Voting will cease at noon on Friday, after which the winners will be announced.

Click Here to Vote & Nominate:
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  • How far can I go in ice hockey if I start at the age of 22?

    I've been playing roller hockey since 1999, never played on ice and ice skated maybe 2-3 times in my life. I do play in organized rec roller hockey leagues that are a mix of ice hockey players and casual players.

    I'm a goalie if that makes any difference.

  • #2
    Announce your retirement now and save yourself much pain and embarrassment.


    • #3
      It's a whole different game brother!


      • #4
        As far as a polo player can get in water polo ... once the horse learns to swim.


        • #5
          Roller hockey is not real hockey... in fact it should be called something other than hockey... I've played hockey (on ice) and we don't even need to call it ice hockey in canada because hockey is hockey.... of course its played on ice.... jesus... sorry pal im glad you like hockey and im glad you tried it, but beginning at age 22 you got no chance son.... you will get pasted along the boards so hard it will make you want to quit,,., again, sorry man and good luck, but you won't go far.... we got kids here who start at the age of fetus... you got no chance fella.


          • #6
            You can go has far has the length of the rink!


            • #7
              Good luck


              • #8
                You'll go as far as your work ethic, talent, and desire take you. If you have playing ice hockey as a dream, go for it. Then you'll know. Otherwise you will always wonder...."what if...."


                • #9
                  Far enough to tie for a state title or decide it's a tie


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