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  • Archbold Upsets Elida

    Archbold was the underdog going into it. Seriously, freaking unbelievable. Archbold hit from outside, inside, free throws, great defense, weird bounces, offensive fouls against Elida.

    It was incredible. It's been a long time since I've been able to experience this feeling of upsetting a team and being a huge underdog, ESPECIALLY when we were down 15 at halftime and Archbold went in being 65% from the free throw line.

    Way to go Bluestreaks, they gave everything that had in that game. Elida was awesome as well. That Matthias kid is a freaking beast and their other guards were excellent tonight as well.

    Wonderful atmosphere and game.

  • #2
    How about Zeb Frank? Scores 0 in the first half and 21 in the second half to help lead the comeback.


    • #3
      Frank was amazing. I wasn't expecting that type of game from him. And he finally hit free throws tonight. It had been a long time since I hoped he would get fouled so he could shoot. And Dietrich was PERFECT from the line tonight. He came into tonight being 63.5%. The announcers for Elida, thought they got the wrong stat sheet, because of how well he played. I also have to give it up to Taylor Price, whose first game was last night after breaking his toe before the season started, and he hit a monster three pointer near the end. That gave Archbold the momentum they needed. So proud of that kid for coming back and giving his best, even on limited time.


      • #4
        Dietrch wasn't perfect from the line. One rimmed out, but the whole team shot free throws exceptionally well tonight - better than I have seen in a long time, maybe several years.
        Here is my big question of the night: Why in the world does Elida allow their fans to sit in the section that is supposedly for visiting fans? There were plenty of empty seats in other sections. Number one, it would be a courtesy they could show to the people who drive nearly an hour and a half to see the game, and number two, if they allow this for every game, they are asking for trouble when a couple loudmouths decide to be stupid.


        • #5
          Oh yeah, you're right. For some reason I was thinking of Evan Wyse's shot that went up and banked off and went in. We were sitting by all Archbold fans, so I didn't even realize they were allowing Elida fans to sit in the visitor section. Were the Elida fans or Archbold fans being loudmouths? I mean I know we can get crazy, but I've never seen us be too bad.


          • #6
            Where I was sitting (with Elida fans in front and behind me), it wasn't bad. The guy behind me was very friendly and actually aploogized for a student who had to be removed. However, if this seating arrangement happens when they play a big rival, I can see major trouble. I've seen it before, and it doesn't take much sometimes for people to act stupidly in the heat of battle.
            Oh yea, and for Evan's banked in free throw, the Elida students were yelling "brick, brick, brick" and I think Evan thought they were calling "bank." But the kids played a great game, especially the second half. They could have packed it in -- down by 15 at half after a last second 3-pointer.


            • #7
              Sounds like Frank and Dietrich are carrying the Streaks this year. Are they as good of 1-2 punch as Goering and Smith or even Morton and Fricke?


              • #8
                Nah. Dietrich is doing most of the work honestly. Last night was the first night Frank even looked good. Before that he wasn't scoring 4 per game and was missing nearly every three point goal he took. Tyson Schnitkey scored 15 on Friday, when Frank only scored two points. Archbold has been really inconsistent with scoring. When Dietrich has an off game, Archbold is in major trouble.


                • #9
                  Archbold 70, Elida 68 (OT)


                  • #10
                    great atmosphere !