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    Alwayslearning - you keep me bringing up how well City League coaches would do in the suburbs. If it is so much easier in the suburbs, explain why Satch Sullinger struggled so much in his few years at Reynoldsburg. He was at Beechcroft, went to the greener pasters of Reynoldsburg and was let go after a few years. Why didn't he win district and state titles with the Raiders like you claim so many City League coaches would do? As far as Petty - he is at one of the smallest schools in his league. A D3 school with 2 D1's and 3 D's in the same division. I think that he has shown he can compete against bigger schools. My suggestion is actually see Petty coach a game before questionning him.
    Underdog - I agree with you completely. I would add Kent Riggs at Canal Winchester to your list. 400 wins, 6 district titles (in D2,D3 and D4 at the same school) and a final 4 appearance (lost to Lebron in a close game) in 25 years at the same school.


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      Wrong on the boys side the city league coaches the last 6 years have got out coached on a regular . Northland with the talent they had should of won at least two state titles. Let's see 2 Mr basketball on team about 6 other d-1 players and only one state did not make regional twice please come on top 10 under performers. Marion Franklin also ridge too. There only 2 decent coaches, beechcroft and staff at brookhaven not the coach but staff. You always learning are not objective in re guards to the city . And trust me I am a city person but i am also going to tell the truth. Afro coach nope plays in city great schedule good talent but still has not won state. Don't give me that he makes it because he should make it how about winning it.


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        The last 4 guys before me make good points. I never questioned Bloom-Carrolls coach. He is a good one! Worthington's coach I do question, yes they did win the district also that year with city kids from Columbus on that team with J.J. Sullinger. Worthington also ran into Brookhaven that year and Coach Millers season was indeed over! BTW Red, reynoldsburg had nothing when Sullinger coached that team, not even facilities but he indeed learned from that and later with some talent, won a state. bbaau, city guy or not, you have a lot of hate in you. Beechcroft and Brookhaven, the only coaching staff, please! Geno Caslin from Mifflin and his staff is pretty good. You can Dog Bates from Afro if you want too, but he will get a state soon and yes he will get one before Bloom-Carroll(no disrepect to longevity of a coach). Strokn7, you made some real good points and I agree with them totally, but keep it real, you wanted to say if those guys where more discipline, Scott and Robinson, they would be ready for college. Im alwayslearning so send me more because Im alwayslearning through you guys and also I am making my point too! One more thing, underdog, yes you are right about calling suburb schools, public schools because they definitely take city kids from Columbus and win with them so-called. Quit acting like suburb programs are so clean, keep it real! They do dirt too! I'm signing off
        Last edited by alwayslearning; 05-09-2012, 07:04 AM.


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          Bates should win a state title as he can draw from the entire city, but yet he competes in the smallest division. Many of the schools/coaches that you guys promote benefit from the transient nature of high school athletics. Transfers and move-ins have an impact on wins and losses. Also, stretching or breaking rules through illegal recruiting and running year-round practices plays a role as well.

          I will take Bob Miller and Pete Liptrap any day of the week because they win and they do it the right way. I don't think Reynoldsburg has ever won a state title in basketball...could be wrong, but if they did I don't remember it.


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            Well said.


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              Sterball, do you know that suburb schools get Columbus kids all the time! So that is irrelevant about Africentric and the rest of the city getting kids from the city. Plus Africentric is a lottery school just like Eastmoor Academy so these schools get what they get. Eastmoor Academy turns down hundreds of kids a year. Being Athletic dont always gets you wins, but it helps big time. The key is coaches must translate being athletic, being smart, and using discipline in their winning. Pete Liptrap is good and for the most part he does keep it clean and I am a big fan of that. Coach Miller, I can' say that for him because J.J. lives on the south side of Columbus. He went to 3 schools in his high school career, Brookhaven, Hartley, and Worthington. I know many of people who went to Worthington that lived around the 161 and the Cleveland Ave. area and went to Worthington which is Beechcrofts school district. Why is that? How is it that kids live of Westerville Rd and Ferris and goto Westerville South or North. That is clearly Mifflins district. I am alwayslearning so help me out with that. Pickerington has always had city kids from the area where kids go to Independence. I would rather have Jim Miranda or Bates from Africentric any day. I'm signing off! Remember, I am alwayslearning and learning alot


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                Originally posted by Mitch Comstein View Post
                Howard does coach AAU. Unless he quit this year. I never said he was a coach at Pick Central. He has tried to and is still associated with them. He sits behind the bench wearing a Pick Central shirt that says "Coach" on it. He tries getting into High School and Jr. High games free by telling the workers that he is coach. He was interviewed by the Dispatch earlier this season and passed himself off as one of their coaches. The AD was smart enough to tell Francis that if he wanted him to be on the staff, at practice, or on the bench during games that he needed to go through the same process as every other coach. He would have to fill out paperwork and do OTHER THINGS at the central office. For one reason or another that never happened and he only sits behind the bench now.

                Francis is a good guy and I agree that the kids like to play for him. We will see how much of a GREAT coach he is in the next few years as HIS kids develop.
                Your point #1...Howard does NOT coach AAU
                Your point #2..Howard does NOT have a shirt with COACH or even PICK. on it


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                  I am not making this a city vs. OCC argument although I don't believe that the lottery system is strictly a get what you get situation. Both leagues are full of good coaches and both have there share of coaches who are successful due to their ability to attract move-ins and the fact that they bend the rules. I am just standing up for some good coaches who have been mentioned negatively on this particular thread. All these coaches invest a lot of time and I haven't really seen many that don't do a solid job with their talent and situation.


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                    Charlie - you have absolute knowledge of every piece of clothing that Watson owns? Are you Watson or his wife?


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                      #1- Howard was coaching AAU last summer. I saw him in Pick Central's fieldhouse. He was coaching with his bluetooth on. Irritates the heck out of me everytime I see him coaching with it on. All Ohio Red 15U or 14U if I remember right. I could be wrong on the team.
                      #2- I saw him wearing that shirt with my own eyes at multiple games this year.


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                        ^^^ I also saw Howard with a PC purple polo on, with a PC logo, at JA for the tournament game vs Jerome. He told me he was a basketball consultant for Francis.


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                          sterball2, you are a good blogger, so you are fine with me. You have made good points. For all you guys talking about Howard, I just figured out who he is. He can't coach if he was giving a team with good NBA players. So I guess he has a mouth piece and can recruit. I seen him coach several times, he is horrible! I usually don't dogged peoples coaching, but he is bad, so I do understand now, some of your blogs. Don't worry suburbs and city, he will not coach a high school team, believe that!


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                            He may not "COACH" but i heard he was on staff next year at Central and he will be their number one recruiter. This thread is about the "best" coaches in central Ohio. I for one think most the people can coach at least a little. But high school sports in general and specifically basketball in this thread have changed. Maybe for the worse maybe for the better i imagine it all depends on how you look at it. It is no longer at least at the division 1 level for sure not so much about coaching but more about who get the best group of players to move in to go with the players we they have. Take for example Jerry Francis who i think from seeing some games this year does a good job of coaching, but the truth is with out move - in's or transfers his team does not win the state. Levert , Nelson and Charlton are and have always been pick central kids but with out Tate coming in from North District, Kern coming in from Pick North and Bess driving over from Gahanna every day they can't win the state. My guess is Whittmer was in the same boat. Even Bloom Carroll had the McGlone kid move in from another school as well as the year before the kid from Lancaster moved in. High school sports is not about coaching anymore it is about players and who get the best to come in. Look at Gahanna this year Bess now does not have to drive to pick every day anymore he is back at Gahanna, they get a really good player from West. South and already have some really good players in Stokes, Harrison and Jackson and others. Does this mean if they have a great year Tony S. is now a great coach again. No he has always been a great coach in my opinion but move in's or come back players make him better. You want to find a great coach go to a game of a coach who has been in the business a long time 20 years and see how many players come back to coach with them or watch their games. I always see this at Westerville South, Pickerington North Dublin Scioto and others. That to me is what makes a great coach in today's society. Just my thoughts


                            • #89
                              My main point was not to bash Francis or Central Basketball. Anytime you get that far you have to have talent, luck, and good coaching. I said that I would not consider Francis a GREAT coach because he has not developed players or a program yet. If it was just about this year then you might as well add Jerry Groves to the equation because he was there with those players for a few years too. Only time will tell how good Coach Francis really is.

                              My point about the Howard situation is that Francis better watch out because he doesn't deserve to have this championship tainted like a Harvest Prep or Africentric. I am not trying to be a Francis hater.
                              Last edited by Mitch Comstein; 05-11-2012, 10:35 AM.


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                                Originally posted by bbaau View Post
                                Hate on him all you want , seems like all the schools inner city or suburb have one thing in common in re guards to you posters . Can I day a black coach. Man jerry Francis would coach circle around most coaches in any school . Hell how many central Ohio coaches cansay they coached at the college level played at college . He operates a college like program at a high school level that's why he will always always be good . But always please don't bring up city coaches its embarrassing how we get out coached.
                                Let me preface this post by saying that Francis is not a bad guy, being a good or bad coach has nothing to do with being a good or bad person.

                                I have not read every post, so I may be repeating another post. I post this because I have watched Pick. Central in person and I did see their state game.

                                Francis cannot out coach people like Quackenbush, Bisutti, Calo, Collins, Casey, etc. There is no doubt that he has more talent, which is why he wins.

                                He does run a college style program - he has kids from other schools / areas (Bess, Tate, Kern) and again that is why he wins. If you give Francis the talent that Quackenbush had this year they go maybe .500 - instead Quackenbush beat Pick Cent. by 20 some points in the middle of the year and won 13 or 14 games.

                                Being a former college player I am sure gives certain coaches an advantage over others. But look at people like Shaka Smart who played at Kenyon, not known as a basketball powerhouse. Look at Lawrence Frank, who never played basketball, yet is an NBA coach. I do not think playing in College makes anyone a great college coach. A few years ago there was an article about Bisutti from Scioto - he played DIII college baseball, yet look at what he does with HIS OWN TALENT most years. When they do not have talent, they struggle, but they play with Scioto kids.

                                Francis has a coaching resume that is unbelievable - and don't mean that in a good way. How many times did he make a stop at a program for one year, only to move? I believe Francis was a college head coach once or twice, and was quite unsuccessful the lone time or both times he was a head coach. Why? More than likely because he did not have the best talent.

                                Francis I am sure is a nice guy, but to name him as a great coach I think is way, way, way to pre-mature. He walked into a good situation, that only got better with 3 new move ins. We will see how many true pickerington kids play for Central in the coming years. My guess is that he will end up with SEVERAL move ins.