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Northern Buckeye Conference 2014-2015

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  • Northern Buckeye Conference 2014-2015

    Thoughts? Predictions?

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    I'€™ll take a stab. Predicted order of finish:
    1. Lake
    2. Rossford
    3. Eastwood
    4. Genoa
    5. Otsego
    6. Woodmore
    7. Elmwood
    8. Fostoria


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      Didn't Eastwood lose pretty heavy last year? What do they have back?


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        Originally posted by strykerblue View Post
        Didn't Eastwood lose pretty heavy last year? What do they have back?

        Yes they did. Should have enough though still without having Genoa, Otsego, Woodmore, or Elmwood jump them


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          1. Lake 2. Genoa 3. Rossford 4. Eastwood Then the rest...


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            I think the concensus will go with Lake at the top. League champs a year ago and lost only one senior from last years squad. Their issue as it was last year will be their size or lack thereof. I dont think this will come into play during the regular season. The league could actually be down from last year. I only see two or three teams that are improved from last year. I would say Lake and Genoa but other than that I dont know. Rossford lost a bunch of their scoring. Eastwood lost a ton. Otsego had a bunch of seniors last year. Rossford/Genoa/Eastwood could steal a win from Lake but I see these three in a battle for second. I will go with
            1. Lake - Champs from a year ago and have a ton of experience in their starting lineup. They have three or four that could all be first team all league.
            2. Rossford - They lose some scoring but this will be a very big team in comparison with the rest of the league. If they can keep up with Lake's up tempo style they could present challenge to the top dog.
            3. Genoa - Quietly went 7-7 in league play last year. They have their core back and will be a top team in the league. Not sure they have enough for Lake but they will improve on their record from last year.
            4. Eastwood - Tough team to figure out. They lost a lot. But its still Eastwood and I am putting them 4th but no way they finish lower than this. There is talent there.
            5. Otsego
            6. Fostoria
            7. Elmwood
            8. Woodmore

            5-8 is a toss up. Right now, I dont see them competing with the top four but its preseason and anything can happen.


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              Top players and some notes early on from what I have gathered around the league:

              Lake - return POY in Connor Bowen. Also running mates Jared Rettig, Jacob Rettig, Todd Walters all return. This team will be tough to stop in the NBC.

              Rossford - Hearing guard Matt Faust will be running the point and thus moving last years point guard Ryan Neise to more of an off ball guard. Bulldogs also return Nathan Childress, Eric Davis, and Cota Sinclair. I really think this team can give Lake a run for its money.

              Genoa - It will be interesting to see how Genoa does post-Diebler era. Rightnowar will be running the point this year, combine that with the departure of Diebler his scoring will see a significant drop. Key players will be Goodrich, Kauder, and Henninger.

              Eastwood - Rumor has it they will be starting a freshman point guard. Only return 3 players from last season that saw significant time. Hoodlebrink is the returning starter, post player Jacoby and guard Noah Smith return. Defense will have to win this team some games this year.

              Otsego - No idea. Haven't heard anything on them pre-season wise. Don't even know any of the players

              Elmwood - Lentz and Peter will have really emerge and have big years for the Royals to contend

              Fostoria- Should be a little better than last year

              Woodmore - new coach. Don't know much about the Wildcats


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                Otsego scrimmaged Oak Harbor and Northwood last Friday and made marked improvement from the previous scrimmage that included Archbold and Fayete. Would have won every quarter but a turnover allowed Oak Harbor to tie-up one quarter with a few seconds left. Otsego will be very young with only one starter returning from last years team.


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                  I think that nbc baller has set the bar for Genoa rather high. It is true that the Comets were 7-7 in the league last year but they didn't do it quietly. They played in coach Diebler's frenetic offensive show and they became rather good at it in two years.
                  The team this year will I would assume, play a more "conventional" offensive style and it will be interesting as to whether the Comets can go back to "regular" basketball without a brief period of readjustment.There are some pieces in place and there may be some new faces that could help but it remains to be seen how high in the league standings the Comets can be. It is certainly possible that Genoa will have a very good year in the league but the NBC wasn't a very strong basketball league last season save Lake and Eastwood. Add Rossford to that mix and with Otsego, Elmwood, Fostoria and Woodmore trying to regain some of the form of yesteryear, the Comets will be in the upper half but if they do in fact finish second, it may be a result of the league being down again.

                  The one thing that Genoa generally has though that could change this is that they always have some good athletes over there and I'm sure that Coach Alt will have them ready to begin a "new era".
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                    I'm not sure third in the league and improving on a .500 record is a very high bar. They have a nice core back. I guess what I meant to say is that I think this is an improved team from a year ago. I dont think they have enough for Lake and Rossford but I also dont see Otsego/Elmwood/Woodmore/Fostoria passing them up.


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                      I have seen both Lake's scrimmage @ St. John's and Genoa's scrimmage @ Toledo Christian. Let me tell you that Genoa is looking really good early under their new coach. They will not be giving up the points they have in the past 2 years. They have 6'4" Sr.,White playing post. He did not play last year. He is showing promise. 6'5" Sr, Goodrich moves to guard and man, can he shoot. I think he dropped 6 or 7 3's. Rightnowar is a good fit at point. Returning 5 seniors. Lake also looked good, as usual. Can't wait to see that match up.


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                        Season gets underway this weekend. All non-conference this week. I will take a stab at this.

                        Friday December 5

                        Oak Harbor @ Genoa - New era starts with a W at home for the comets. Tight game here. Genoa by 6.
                        Rossford @ Northview - Both teams have good size. But Rossford is the better team. Dawgs by 16.

                        Saturday December 6

                        Port Clinton @ Woodmore - Dont know much about either team but I'll stick with a good opening weekend for the NBC. Cats by 4.
                        Northwood @ Lake - Complete mismatch. Northwood has to be improved from last year but its not close. Flyers by 30.
                        Otsego @ Swanton - Interesting game. Reading good things on Swanton. Otsego is very inexperienced. Swanton by 12.
                        Eastwood @ New Riegal - No idea on New Riegal so its hard for me to say. But I like the Eagles. Eastwood by 10.
                        North Baltimore @ Elmwood - Both teams will struggle this year but this is a win for Elmwood. Royals by 8.
                        Tiffin Columbian @ Fostoria - I'm lost on this one but I'll have to take the Tornadoes. Columbian by 15.


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                          Is the younger Bowen boy in high school @ Lake yet? He looked like he would be one heck of a player a few years back.


                          • oldmanwinter
                            oldmanwinter commented
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                            He's in 8th grade

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                          I'll jump in also, nbc.

                          Friday, Dec. 5th

                          I agree with your Oak Harbor prediction. I like Genoa by 10.
                          I agree that Rossford is the better team but the Wildcats are very tough at home. Rossford by 3

                          Saturday, Dec. 6th

                          Port Clinton begins the "Von Graffin era". I'll go with Von. PC by 10
                          I agree, nbc. Lake by how many they decide is enough.
                          Once again, I agree. Otsego is very young and Swanton had a pretty good football team. Swanton by 13.
                          A tough one to predict. I don't think Eastwood will start out very strong. A lot of new faces. New Riegel used to be pretty decent but I'll take the Eagles by 1.
                          I agree once again. Elmwood by 4 because they are at home.
                          15 points is quite a few if you are lost on this one, nbc. I agree with your pick. Tiffin by 20.


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                            Missed Friday games. Here are today's:



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