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  • Cincinnati Reds 2014

    Lets Go Reds. Beat the Cards. Great day for a game. #reds

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    Cards took the season opener, 1-0 on Molina's HR. Nice day for Cueto though. 7 IP with only the one run given up. With his injury problems over the past few years it seems like I get excited about Cueto getting through any start, but hopefully it was a good sign for him to have a strong start.

    Nothing doing for the Reds offensively though. The Cardinals tried to help them back into it with three errors, but the Reds couldn't take advantage. Billy Hamilton was 0-for-4 with four strikeouts. Every major leaguer strikes out four times every once in awhile, and Wainwright is one of the better starters in the league (Votto and Bruce were both hitless as well) but I was certainly hoping to see Hamilton get the bat on the ball. Hopefully that was just one bad game though.

    Off day tomorrow then Game 2 Wednesday night...


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      It's too bad the Reds couldn't get out of the box with a nice home win against the Cardinals but Wainwright was pretty tough. Cueto pitched a nice ball game. It just wasn't quite good enough.

      Hopefully, Wednesday's game will turn out better for the Reds.


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        I also have to hope that it wasn't a bad omen to see Joey Votto strike out looking in his first at bat of the season. The general feeling, and I don't know if it's shared by Bryan Price, is that Votto will need to be somewhat more aggressive at the plate. It was just one game, but it's all we've got to go on.


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          Well, we won't go undefeated this year. Positives, Cueto. Fantastic outing. Hopefully he wakes up today and feels fine. I'll wait until I hear that he feels good today before I get too excited, but he did his job yesterday, except for the pitiful bunt. Offensively, doesn't really matter how you pitch, you're 3-4-5 guys go 0-11, and it's tough to win. Only one way for BHam to go, taking the golden sombrero on opening day is tough. Bad baserunning by Phillips, can't get out in the 1st/ 3rd nobody out in the 8th scenario, and if you stray off, you'd better get hung up long enough a runner can get to 3rd. Cards tried to give it to us, we just didn't take it. Nice job by the bullpen to keep us one swing away.


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            Very good game, but as usual the Reds make mental mistakes that hurts them.


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              Take 2 for the Reds tonight. We'll get our first look at Tony Cingrani. He's going to be a key for the Reds this year. We'll also get a look at Michael Wacha for the Cardinals, who was so impressive last year in his rookie season.


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                We can only hope that Wacha has a sophomore slump, he was fantastic last year as a rookie. The Cardinal way is to bring guys up from within. Cingrani does need to be solid for the Reds to have any hope this year. Latos and Mesoraco starts tonight in Florida in a minor league game. Rain in the forcast for Cincy, so may be a long night.


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                  I know this is a Reds thread, but it's baseball related, so here goes. I could not help but chuckle that the Yankees got destroyed last night in Houston, of all places. Do you think it's just a coincidence that the marquee franchise of MLB and ESPN, the Yankees, gets to start the season with Houston, last season's worst team? And what happens? A 30 lbs. lighter CC Sebathia gets drilled in the first inning for 4 runs, and the Yankees go down 6-2 to the 'Stros. Everyone's favorite player Derek Jeter, gets hit in his first at bat. Do you suppose ESPN will show every at bat he has this season? Funny that they mentioned he's two hits behind Paul Molitor in all time hits. It's funny because only die hard baseball people even remember Paul Molitor, who played with lesser known markets of Milwaukee, Toronto and Minnesota.


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                    What would make it a coincidence that the Yankees started in Houston?

                    Every team is going to get beat at least 65 times this year, not sure what you're saying is remarkable about this particular loss.

                    I'm not a die hard baseball fan but I remember Paul Molitor.

                    And yes, anybody who watches ESPN is going to get over-Jetered just like everyone was over-Rivera-ed last year. It doesn't make me particularly upset that I don't have ESPN.


                    • 14Red
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                      One thing is for sure from ESPN, we'll get coverage of the Lakers, Cowboys and Yankees, win or lose.

                    • NC Rattlesnake
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                      More like Heat, Cowboys, Yankees (or anyone from NY), Red Sox, Phillies, Strausburg, etc. Jumpin on that bandwagon!

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                    Originally posted by wisdome View Post
                    Very good game, but as usual the Reds make mental mistakes that hurts them.
                    It's Dusty's fault! Fire Dusty! oh, wait...


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                      Reds need to SCORE RUNS. Same old crap for a long time came back at us. No one's fault to blame but their own.


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                        Originally posted by NC Rattlesnake View Post
                        Reds need to SCORE RUNS. Same old crap for a long time came back at us. No one's fault to blame but their own.
                        We're only talking about one game. You could just as easily say that the Cardinals need to SCORE RUNS after putting up only 1 on Monday.

                        I think we're going to need a bigger sample size. The Reds were going against one of the top pitchers in the league in the NL in Wainwright, but they still had several opportunities that they squandered. Especially in the eighth - no idea why Phillips was running on contact (by his design or the coaches') from third base with nobody out.

                        Hamilton looked very overmatched. Votto and Bruce didn't look good. But again, we are talking about one game. Let's see a few games before the pessimism starts.


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                            Looks like there is a good rain delay going tonight, and I wouldn't be surprised if this one gets postponed.

                            It also appears that Broxton could be available soon:

                            I stand corrected, game is underway after a lengthy delay. Not surprised they waited it out...with the weather iffy for tomorrow I don't think they wanted to risk having two rainouts to make up. But I'm surprised the weather cooperated.

                            Anyway, 0-0 after four innings with the Reds still looking for their first run of 2014.

                            Still 0-0, heading to the bottom of the ninth. Reds have been so bad on offense that only four Reds players even HAVE a batting average right now. At least the pitching has been good; Cingrani threw seven nice innings.

                            Reds load the bases in the ninth and Heisey singles in the winning run. 1-0 Reds is the final.
                            Last edited by bird; 04-03-2014, 12:36 AM.


                            • 82wolve82
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                              looks like it took you 5 hours to type that post? You should work on your keyboarding skills.

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