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Obama Administration Plans Immigration Rule Change for Family of Citizens Page Title Module
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  • smsstrategies
    Reply to 2014 Midwest Athletic Conference
    We'll find out about Hartley in week 2. We beat them early last season, then rode their points to get in, then beat them again tn the final. Hartley doesn't worry me as much as Usuline does, but from...
    Today, 05:27 PM
  • Ike53
    Reply to Why Black Americans should vote republican
    In spite of what your R-Lawmakers and their pundits tell you and what you want to believe here are some facts from non-partisan sources.

    Dropping from 16.8% to current 10.7%, black unemployment...
    Today, 05:24 PM
  • o.a.b.
    Reply to Sarah Palin Launches New Channel
    Those two are a modern day Pat Paulsen. Politics without satire is like bread without water. If it weren't for political satire , nobody would consider discussing exemplified on this board....
    Today, 05:15 PM

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  • Obama Administration Plans Immigration Rule Change for Family of Citizens

    Why is it a re-elect me move? Because it tells the relatives of those that are in violation of the law that I care about you and your families. This sends the message....VOTE FOR ME ...because I care.

    I personally think they should all be helped if they want to come to this country and be productive, but they need to do it the correct way. When are we going to stop changing our laws to benefit those that break them in the first place?
    Last edited by wisdome; 01-06-2012, 10:09 AM.

  • #2
    Bush didn't deter them either.He allowed them in by the droves to appease his union-hating corporate farmer friends.It's time for the states affected to merge and file a federal lawsuit instead of trying to take them on individually.This problem is not a democrat-republican thing,it's just a problem-period.