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tepco reactor #1 melted BEFORE the tsunami! Page Title Module
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  • bird
    Comment on Cincinnati Reds 2014
    assail, v.
    1. To attack vigorously, violently; assault.
    2. To attack with arguments, criticism, ridicule, slander

    Responding to your prediction, I made the following comments:...
    Today, 03:49 PM
  • Gunner15
    Reply to Summer 7 on 7's
    Coffman won the State tourney, 5th at National select and won theirs last weekend. A ton of nice players. Two qbs who are both very good.
    Today, 03:41 PM
  • dses
    Comment on Mid Ohio Athletic Conference 2014
    Centerburg might be in the mid 30's. Low in numbers, big on talent. They'll make a run at division/playoffs
    Today, 03:37 PM

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  • tepco reactor #1 melted BEFORE the tsunami!

    remember when the gop mocked us for wanting stronger protections from the nuclear industry?