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  • Drilling Contamination Found in Well Water in 4 States

    The amazing thing is how many folks filed complaints without knowing the vast numbers of others filing . We should support any and all development of domestic energy sources as long as we remember a basic premise : You can't drink money. Now , everyone jump in and affirm that the EPA is over-bearing and needs restrained. They're there for a purpose , they have an appeals board like any other agency. They weren't designed to deter industry, they were designed to protect every individual in this country ...who individually can't stop environmental abuse but collectively can write ground rules that work for everyone. [ I'd rather have SOFT water than...]

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    Do you have a link to the article?


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      Originally posted by o.a.b. View Post
      Now , everyone jump in and affirm that the EPA is over-bearing and needs restrained.
      I have complete faith in an agency that's classified your exhaling's as a pollutant.


      • BGFalcons82
        BGFalcons82 commented
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        Yes it is a pollutant. Look what it did to those poor global warmists in the antarctic. Oh wait...

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      — Ohio had 37 complaints in 2010 and no confirmed contamination of water supplies; 54 complaints in 2011 and two confirmed cases of contamination; 59 complaints in 2012 and two confirmed contaminations; and 40 complaints for the first 11 months of 2013, with two confirmed contaminations and 14 still under investigation, Department of Natural Resources spokesman Mark Bruce said in an email. None of the six confirmed cases of contamination was related to fracking, Bruce said.


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        Ohio is an exception [ for now ] thanks to a great amount of clay and massive tables of lime that are strong enough to withstand fracking. The western states , with greater amounts of sand...little clay , have the greatest deposits of oil / natural gas. They're the ones that are victims of fracking and where the suits have been filed. If you want to generalize the EPA, at least appreciate that they're working for your access to clean air / water. If you don't like the rules, tell your rep....Tearing down an agency that has done a lot of good accomplishes little. I'm glad they eliminated [ phased out ] septic systems in Ohio.


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          Originally posted by o.a.b. View Post
          I'm glad they eliminated [ phased out ] septic systems in Ohio.
          They did? You are sorely mistaken.


          • o.a.b.
            o.a.b. commented
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            Septic Systems are now being allowed as group service. Individual systems are being phased out.

          • DGUtley
            DGUtley commented
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            You're wrong, OAB. I have two clients that have built within the last 2 years that have had no problem getting their individual septic systems approved. One in Medina County and one in Stark.

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          The EPA has a pretty nice homeowner guideline for septic systems.
          It states that about 1 in 4 homes in the USA have their own septic system.
          People building homes in rural areas are having no problems getting approval for individual septic systems.


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            o.a.b. is against whatever is good for the country. king barack would ban fracking if would only cost republican jobs. democrats with jobs, like the thousands of unemployed coal miners, will vote republican next time.


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              OAB....LINK PLEASE!


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                Many wells in PA and Ohio and elsewhere have methane in them, but none of it has anything to do with fracking, it is quite often naturally occurring in these areas.

                Carry on ...