The Fantastic 50 is a computer ranking of the state’s top 50 high school football teams, regardless of division.  It is computed differently than the OHSAA power ratings that are used to determine the playoff brackets.  In addition to ranking the state’s overall top teams, there are rankings within each division and region, as well as predictions for every game between two OHSAA schools.

17 thoughts on “Drew Pasteur’s Ohio Fantastic 50

  1. Mike Hutchinson

    How can Vandalia-Butler not make the list of the top ten teams of the toughest schedule. They played 4 out of 10 teams that made the playoffs. and 2 of the teams were div. 1 teams , the teams listed are Loveland D-2 state champs, Wayne D-1 Regioal finals , D-1 Miamisburg, D-3 state runner -up Trotwood, There are not many teams out there can say they had a schedule like that Please re-check the numbers and please reply back to me via e-mail.

  2. Charles H. Long

    I don’t find the Northern 10 Conference in your list. OHSAA says it is “forming in 2014-2015”. The only team I am certain of is Ridgedale.

  3. Doc

    Has anyone noticed little Danville, after allowing only 13 points each in winning their first two games, has shutout 5 straight opponents. they have scored around 300, while allowing only 26.

  4. Yippy

    Danville plays who???? I Like McComb in D-7 they are the most balanced and we’ll coached team I have seen this yr…They should have beat Marion Local by 2tds if it was not for all the bogus holding calls against them that killed key scoring drives….That Defense is nasty good and them boys hit hard I mean hard….gonna be tough to beat……

  5. djenkx

    i can’t understand the play off system to allow 3 teams in same city same D3 reg 7 to have to knock one another off to reach even the reg champ game . two teams from same city shuld be able to play n state championship game. 3 Akron teams will be in top 8 Hoban St.V St.M Akron Buchtel one of them should b n other reg. we need bracet buster !!!!!!!!! some of best teams in one place AKRON

  6. Jeffrey Carneiro

    Shouldn’t Steubenville be moved up the rankings since two of your top ten teams are out of the playoffs ?

  7. Doug Preston

    nice pick of Chippewa over by Edison by 1. Actual score 70-37… Hope that made your Wheaties taste better Saturday morning…


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