Ohio HS Football Senior Positional Rankings: Quarterbacks

2014FBpvw_contenttop200_teaseThis is by no means an end-all list when it comes to Ohio’s top high school football players, but its our top prospect list. And we consider it strong. We also consider it a roll call of names you’ll likely hear this season – and in the future on Saturdays (at whatever level). These kids have special talent, big potential or both. They may already be stars or on the verge of a break-out. One thing is for certain, keep your eyes – and ears – open for them. You’re also bound to see several of them among the Top 200. Enjoy…

We will release a different position each day until concluding with LBs on Aug. 28.

RB: Aug. 18; WR: Aug. 19; QB: Aug. 20; TE: Aug. 21; OL: Aug. 22; ST: Aug. 23; CB: Aug. 24; DE: Aug. 25; DL: Aug. 26; S: Aug. 27; LB: Aug. 28

Class of ’15 JJH Senior Rankings


1. Joe Burrow ATHENS (Ohio State)
2. Mitchell Guadagni HUDSON (Toledo)
3. Brett Kean ST EDWARD (South Florida)
4. Mylik Mitchell JOHN HAY
5. John Davies GREEN
7. Nathan Mays URBANA
8. Nathan Densel DUBLIN SCIOTO
10. Jeremy Johnson CENTENNIAL




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One thought on “Ohio HS Football Senior Positional Rankings: Quarterbacks

  1. Stephen Lowry

    I did some brief research on your top ten quarterbacks and it looks like all you have to do to get on it is be 6-2.Your top 3 are deserving to be on the list but it seems you overlooked Matt Lowry of Rocky River.If Matt played 13 games as Burrows did he would have had 5,600 total yards and 56 tds.So far this year he has picked up where he left off ,coming off a 415 yard game(245 passing 3 tds 170 yards rushing 3 tds in a losing effort against a very good Midview team.Although I’m sure your 7 other picks are good qb’s,they can’t lace Matt’s cleats.His speed and elusiveness and his ability to turn a bad play into a big gain is second to none.Just because he is not a 6 footer does not mean he should be left off your list.Matt will always fight with everything he has and has the heart of a lion.Recruiters who overlook him because of his size are making the same mistake that recruiters made with the many undersized players who have been successful in the past.He has that “it” factor that you can’t coach or teach.


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