JJHuddle & ScoutingOhio Class of ’15 Top 200: The First 50

2014FBpvw_contenttop200_teaseIt’s arrived…Today we begin the countdown of the JJHuddle & ScoutingOhio Top 200 Senior Prospects. Things have changed since we released the Top 100 in June. See how…

First off, this is by no means a list of the Top 200 Ohio High School Football Players. “Prospects” and “Players” differ greatly. There are some names on this list that may shock you and others you expect. Some that have outrageous stats and some that don’t have any. They’re all here for a reason though. They have the potential to play on Saturdays on scholarship.

This list is the result of hours and hours of game, camp, combine, coaches and video evaluations. Hard work was done to create it. Enjoy. And congrats to those below.

We will release 10 names a day each weekday until concluding with the Top 10 on Aug. 28.

200-151: Aug. 1*, Aug. 4*, Aug. 5*, Aug. 6*, Aug. 7*; 150-141: Aug. 8*, Aug. 11*, Aug. 12*, Aug. 13*, Aug. 14*; 100-91: Aug. 15; 90-81: Aug. 18; 80-71: Aug. 19; 70-61: Aug. 20; 60-51: Aug. 21; 50-41: Aug. 22; 40-31: Aug. 25; 30-21: Aug. 26; 20-11: Aug. 27; 10-1: Aug. 28 (*-10 names released each day in not particular order)

Class of ’15 JJH Top 200 Football Prospects

THE FIRST 50: NOS. 200-151

(Listed Randomly: Name, Wt., Ht., School, Position)

*Derek Dryfuse, 6-5, 218, COLUMBIAN HIGH SCHOOL, Tight End

*Austin Phillips, 6-5, 220, KENTON HIGH SCHOOL, Defensive End

*Nicholas Potts, 6-5, 215, HILLIARD DAVIDSON HIGH SCHOOL, Tight End

*Reagan Malas, 6-1, 193, DUBLIN COFFMAN HIGH SCHOOL, Safety

*Brennen Sawicki, 6-2, 275, DUBLIN SCIOTO HIGH SCHOOL, Defensive Tackle/Nose Man

*Tyler Long, 6-2, 180, CALVERT HIGH SCHOOL, Safety

*Ian Baker, 6-4, 225, HOOVER HIGH SCHOOL, Tight End

*Parker Knapp, 6-3, 240, ST EDWARD HIGH SCHOOL, Defensive Tackle/Nose Man

*Jake Kempt, 6-1, 185, JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL, Wide Receiver

*LaMont Ragland, 6-2, 226, JEFFERSON TWP HS (DAYTON), Defensive Tackle/Nose Man




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    What does it takes to be consider as a top prospect? My son has quite a few Ivy leagues, D1, D1 AA, D2 schools that visited him at school, or have talked to him during camps/ phone , text etc.


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