Ohio HS Football Coaches Survey: Are they pleased with how the OHSAA has managed Football recently? See if you agree…


2014 Ohio HS Football Coaches Survey

Question: Are you pleased with how the OHSAA has managed Football recently (i.e. adding a seventh division, moving the games to CBus, implementing a mercy rule, etc.)?

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Ohio HS Football Coaches Comments on State Finals moving to Columbus….

“The biggest step to improve player safety is to simply reduce the game to 8 min. quarters.”

“If it’s not broke don’t fix it. I feel like Ohio football is great. I don’t see why we need to have changes all the time.”

“Not until we get spring football.”

“Yes as long as they don’t try to over manage it.”

“No, I am not pleased. The changes seem very arbitrary and don’t have enough coaches input to them. The OFCAA should be a driving force behind the changes, however they seem to be ignored.”

“I feel the OHSAA is doing the best they can.”

“I think the OHSAA is trying to ensure that Football continues to be an important sport in Ohio and they continue to look at ways to improve the sport.”

“No. The state is not asking coaches and if they do, they are only talking to a select few.”


“1 out of 3 as far as being pleased. The 7th division – I think it’s a good thing. Games to CBus – No. Not at all. Mercy Rule – No. Not at all.”

“They are trying to improve and realize that they may still need to adjust.”

“They are constantly trying to improve football in Ohio. They are never going to make everybody happy.”

“No. Some of the moves they make are out of left field.”

“We have a great game not sure all of these changes are helping or not.    “

To me they are kind of like the NCAA – its all about the money. Most of the states around us are letting the schools manage themselves. They try to manage us, but people circumvent the rules without penalty.”

I wish the OHSAA would listen the coaches.”

NO, they said they worked with the Ohio Football Coaches Association with this matter, but I am a member and NOBODY contacted me for my opinion. I also am not a fan of competitive balance. I feel it is in the same realm as the mercy rule and all the other politically correct, soccer mom, reward everyone for participating, make everyone have an enjoyable experience philosophy.”

“If you are tired of the agony of defeat, rise to the occasion for the thrill of victory.”

“Yes and no…And I don’t think they will ever be able to please everyone and their individual opinions/desires for high school football. I believe high school football provides an excellent opportunity for the growth and development for kids to transform into young men under the guidance of responsible adults. As long as the governing body does not encroach on this opportunity with too many restrictive rules, I am typically ok. The mercy rule is a restrictive rule… (ex: if this happens, we HAVE to do this.) I would have been happier with “If this happens, you have the choice to do this…”

“OHSAA needs to chill out!”

“Mercy rule and competitive balance are overkill and annoying. Too much micromanagement.”

“No. I don’t think they have talked to the coaches enough to understand what we want. I know they work with OHSFCA, but I don’t necessarily agree with them either. They don’t consult with us. I have been on the board and it was strictly my opinion, not the opinion of the population that I was representing. I don’t think there has been enough communication with the coaches. I just learned that we are allowed to coach our kids outside of the June/July period. this was passed in Sept and I am just hearing about it?”

“No, rather than continuing to make new rules, they should enforce the rules that exist. There are way to many people cheating in the present system. Start punishing those that cheat, or there is no incentive to not cheat….in all sports. Wrestling might be the worst, followed by basketball, but football certainly has it’s share of cheaters. When coaches continue to coach multiple kids day after day out in the open on their game field during track practice, and the OHSAA does nothing about it, even when video tape has been sent to them, it leaves other schools to wonder what they need to do to keep up.”

“No. The OHSAA has their own agenda. The thoughts of the OHSFCA are not relevant in any discussion held with the OHSAA.”

“With the exception of no spring ball, yes. But going back to the spring ball issue, I know that coaches can work with some of their kids, but football working with 4 kids and basketball working with 4 kids is not a fair ratio of what you can actually accomplish. Typical basketball teams have 12 kids, so working with 4 allows them to work with 33% of their team at a time. Most football teams have over 60, so working with 4 allows them to work with under 7% of their team. In basketball, the kids are all expected to do basically the same things . . . dribble, pass, shoot, rebound. Football is very position specific. If college coaches are heading south for a significant amount of their recruiting time for the sole purpose of seeing kids who get more reps, then our kids are at a huge disadvantage in 1) developing their skills, and 2) having an equitable opportunity to be recruited.”

“They could use a bit more input from coaches. It is obvious that they are not using enough coaching input when they think 30 points is the point to start running the clock or that an offensive line coach can work with 4 at a time. He has to schedule groups every hour well into the night to help all his kids! One coach on campus working at a time? Players are scheduling 9 pm sessions to get free instruction!
They need to know that when they set rules we try to follow them completely. they need to ask football coaches who try to follow them if they work before they make them rules.”

“No. Too many changes. Make a good decision and keep it that way. Not just the administration of football, but coaching in general.”

“It seems other than recent changes the OHSAA is just trying to cash in on football.”

“No…it’s all about them and money. Not happy at all. Mercy rule if any should be in fourth quarter.”

“Obviously we have people in control that are listening to the coaches, and care about the direction of football throughout the state.”

“My biggest concern is consistency in officiating, especially in playoff games. I like the extra division, but I am not sure about the mercy rule.”

“Don’t like the mercy rule.”

“I’m not a fan of the mercy rule.”

“They are trying, but it seems they are trying at times to simply grease the squeaky wheel. They know that if they don’t appease people and the privates split, then there won’t be much need for them, so I think they are trying to do more fluff-type management as opposed to getting to the real nuts and bolts of the problems. Those nuts and bolts of the problem are like I mentioned earlier with teams like Glenville. What a joke!”

“No, we need spring football.”

“Yes except for the mercy rule.”

“No, not sure who if any football people they are talking to, but if they are, then I would question the football IQ.”

“I am in favor of the addition of the seventh division. Gives more students an opportunity to participate in the postseason. I am not in favor of the finals being in Columbus. The games need to be in the smaller stadium for better atmosphere. I am not a fan of the mercy rule as well.”

“I do not like the direction of high school football in Ohio.”

“The set up in Canton and Massillon was great. I’m interested in seeing how all the games will be played in one venue.”

“No. I don’t know what’s going on, but the power that they have thrown around recently has left the Ohio High School Coaches Association scratching its head. Its unfortunate when those who never interact with our young people make the decisions that affect them so much. That being said, when you are a part of an association, you have to do what they say and their way. I am a young head football coach. Times are going to change like never before. That being said, I am getting remorseful when all these ‘suits’ (many of whom are already retired public school administrators) make decisions that they wont have to live with. People of my generation will.”


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