Ohio HS Football Coaches Survey: Are they pleased that the State Finals will be in Columbus this season? See if you agree…


2014 Ohio HS Football Coaches Survey

Question: Are you pleased that the State Finals will be in Columbus this season?

YES: 59%
NO: 41%

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Ohio HS Football Coaches Comments on State Finals moving to Columbus….

“No. History of the game starts in Stark County.”

“Yes. It’s in the Middle of the state.”

“I love that fact that they will be in a central location, but that is it. Canton/Massillon did a great job with it. The people there are great and treat it as a special event. I also don’t like having it in Ohio Stadium. I would love to play a game there, but the atmosphere will be terrible when it struggles to reach 10-percent of its capacity.”

“A more central location provides more of an opportunity for football fans and teams from Southwest Ohio to attend games more easily.”

“Think finals need to be played on high school fields or small colleges. I think northeast and southwest Ohio should rotate the finals.”

“If it’s not broke don’t fix it…. bring it back to Canton/Massillon.”

“Massillon and Canton have both great high school football facilities. Attendance is always good and why fix something that isn’t broke? I understand the location thing with schools down south but your never going to please everyone.”

“No. Have been successful in Canton/Massillon. ”

“It will be a nice change, but lets see how it is supported by all involved. ”

“Stark County does a tremendous job and it is very important to the people of Stark County. I am afraid it will be more of a hassle for the people at OSU and in Columbus.”

“It is ok. Let us see how they handle the situation. Give it two years then make a decision. ”

“I am actually totally indifferent.”

“The HS Finals should be held in a HS Stadium. We have two of the most historic HS Stadiums in the nation. The coaches of SW Ohio have said they do not mind ‘traveling’ to Canton/Massillon to play in or watch the finals. ”

“I would like them to be played at Jesse Owens and the shoe so that fans can tail gate in between and stay in one place. ”

“It would be good to be centrally located. However, Stark County did a great job hosting. ”

“Ohio Stadium! Central location!! No brainer!!! ”

“Canton & Massilon were the perfect venues. Also, these games were the biggest events in those cities each year, thus Canton, Massillon & Stark County treated them as such. The City of Columbus will not prioritize the games as much. The Horseshoe is too large of a stadium, not sure we want to see championship games in empty stadiums. ”

“Stadium is too big. I like the closeness of venues in Stark County.”

“No. Like the setup in Canton/Massillon.”

“Too big of a venue. Won’t provide the ambiance or even close to it as the past. Attendance will continue to decrease.”

“Too big of a stadium. Takes the mystique away from Ohio high school football.”

“Ohio State is too big. Smaller stadiums will have a better atmosphere.”

“1 – Columbus could care less about High School Football
2 – 10,000 people in “THE SHOE” will look like 10
3- TWO LOCKER ROOMS – for 6 teams on Friday and Saturday — does everyone forget the fiasco at Massillon when game one went 3 OTs and game two2 went 5 OTs????”

“Give other parts of the state a piece of the pie. Columbus gets everything.”

“Stark County loves football. They make it into a real event. I don’t think the people at Ohio State will care too much about the state tournament. Certainly the staff at Ohio State does not want to be bothered with the HS state tournament (This was a Coach Tressel idea). Cost is going to be a factor (I am a Franklin County resident and have been my entire life).”

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