Thanks Dad (and Coaches): You Never Know When Your Kids Are Listening

2014FBpvw_contentHappy Father’s Day…

Today we celebrate Dads, Male Role Models and Coaches…

You ever hear that commercial where the kid talks about walking to the ATM to get money for hot dogs only to be shut out and the dad has no recollection…? Yeah?

Well here’s one for my dad.

I remember way back in the backyard I lost a game of football to the neighbor and cried. My dad was the all-time QB and completed more TDs to Jaren than he did to me. He must have felt terrible.

He may not remember that, but I do.

And I thank him for it.

Made me tougher. Made me remember. A lesson was taught that day and today as we celebrate Father’s Day, I just want to reinforce to all those dads (and coaches) that we really never know what memories our kids are going to keep. The goal should be to make as many of them as possible positive.

Happy Father’s Day 2014.

Thanks for all you do.

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