Ohio HS Football Coaches Survey: Do they want Spring Football in Ohio? See if you agree…


2014 Ohio HS Football Coaches Survey

Question: Do you want Spring Football in Ohio in some form?

YES: 67%
NO: 33%

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NEXT WEDNESDAY: What do you think the public’s biggest misconceptions with Spring Football are?

Ohio HS Football Coaches Comments on Spring Football….

“It would be great for the kids to have the opportunity to practice together to learn fundamental concepts instead of trying to cram it all in right before the season starts.”

“We are falling behind other states in developing players. It potentially limits opportunity to grow as a player, which may be harmful in the recruiting process for our players.”

“I think the biggest concern is weather. Schools in the south are able to finish their spring seasons and then have their spring football. In Ohio it is more of a challenge due to the spring sports season starting so late. I think the answer is having spring football before the spring seasons.”

“I wish that we could have some form of spring football in Ohio. With AAU and club teams in other sports trying to take over, it hurts the numbers in the sport of football. My feeling is let’s have spring football in late winter before spring sports start. I also believe that soccer should be a spring sport. That is the case in many states, and think it would be a good thing in Ohio.    “

“I think a two-week volunteer practice period in early April would be good.”

“Are problem in Ohio is the weather we don’t start to play baseball until May because are spring weather is terrible.”

“We are a small school. We can’t afford to have kids specialize (focus on one sport). I don’t think it’s what is best for the school or the kids.”

“Between 7on7’s, mini-camp and now 3 weeks of 2-a-days…That is more than enough time for high school football in the state of Ohio.“

“Just skill developement not full contact.”

“I work at a Division 2 school where a good majority of my players play baseball, especially my quarterbacks. Having spring ball would almost be impossible and I am against forcing my kids into choosing. Other sports allow students to become all-around athletes.”

“I don’t want our kids to have to decided between playing baseball and track versus spring football. I think kids will develop as quality young men by competing in other sports. I hate when kids think they need to specialize in one sport.”

“Would I like it personally YES, but the spring coaches wouldn’t even talk to me. I’m (as football coach) already the bad 800-pound gorilla. It will kill spring sports.”

“I believe it would hurt Track and Baseball participation and at a school our size we need as many multi-sport kids we can get. Also we have never had any Division I Athletes and the recruiting excuse to get spring football in all reality doesn’t pertain to us. We get 10 days in June and July plus August 2 a days really that is enough time to get ready for the season. After all it is High School Football and it is good to give student athletes time to be high school kids.”

“This would create a very difficult dilemma for smaller schools. In most cases the athletes play multiple sports so either spring football would be poorly attended or spring sports would be ruined. Additionally, athletes in this age range need to train their bodies physically not just ‘play’.”

“It doesn’t have to be a full blown practice with a spring game component, but it is grossly unfair that as coaches, we cannot work with our kids who are not participating in a spring sport. During the off-season, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and volleyball are all allowed to work on their skills, but football can’t. I hear all the time from recruiters that Ohio kids are at a disadvantage because kids in the south can practice their skills, while Ohio kids can’t.”

“Helmets only for ten days. From May 15-May 31st. Get your ten days whenever you can during that period. Over the last 5 years 92% of our team has been done with spring sports beginning May 15!”

“Kids can throw on their own….weightlifting and conditioning are good enough….would affect baseball and track.”

“I think it would be best to have it as a shorts and helmets setup in March, before the Spring sports begin playing games.”

“I should be able to work with my athletes. The structure now promotes people to cheat. They know there is someone somewhere skating around the rules to get a leg up. Then more and more people begin to do it. I strongly believe it has led kids to seek instruction outside of their school district. They either begin seeking out schools and coaches that are willing to cheat or the pay some outside source to do what their own coaches should be doing. School sports used to take precedent, not now!”

“I hope high school coaches think about what is best for kids that play football.”

“Not enough schools have the facilities to accommodate the bad weather of spring.”

“All Coaches should coach THEIR players. NO contact. Just coaching of fundamentals.”

“Weather and spring sports are a huge factor when considering spring football in Midwestern states (Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc. do not have spring football). Spring football is a part of southern states because 1. Spring sports can begin earlier because of the weather and 2. It is a warmer climate. Spring football is not the only answer out there. The people in the OHSAA need to listen to coaches and varieties of people. A great solution would be to give coaches more camp days. For example, instead of the current 10 camp days to be used between June 1 and July 31, give football 15 camps days to be used between May 1 and July 31. This would enable coaches to be flexible and use their days perhaps when coaches are there to watch practice, but they are able to be respectful of their schools demographics in regards to spring sports.”



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