Ohio HS Football Coaches Survey: Do they like the new Mercy Rule? See if you agree…


2014 Ohio HS Football Coaches Survey

Question: Do you like the new “Mercy Rule” in Football?

YES: 40%
NO: 60%

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Ohio HS Football Coaches Comments on the Mercy Rule….

“MOST coaches are smart enough to use lopsided scoring games as program builders and to get their young kids playing time under the Friday night lights.”

“Lets give everyone a trophy.”

“Coaches and teams take care of this already. There is no need to force this on High School Football.”

“It creates issues that I don’t feel were considered by the rules committee. For example, the score is 28-6, the leading team scores. Does the leading team go for two to reach the mercy rule or do they kick? Not to mention the loss of opportunity for younger players to get experience on Friday nights.”

“It takes away from the integrity of the game.”

“Should be 40 points, not 30.”

“30 Points is not enough. Also, for either the winning team or losing team….2nd and 3rd string players will not have the Friday night playing time that they had in the past.”

“30 points in a half is an attainable goal. If they limited the 30 pts to the fourth quarter I would change my mind on the implementation.”

“30 is too low. 40-42 would make rule better.”

“Yes, but I do agree that those kids that practice should be able to play in the game win by 30 or lose by 30.

“At least it takes some of those awkward decisions at ends of lopsided games out of the hands of the coaches.”

“Takes away valuable time and experience non-starters and young players get during Friday Nights under the lights.”

“Kids need to experience being on both sides of a wide margin game. It is our responsibility as coaches to make sure the right message is sent. When we protect and limit our kids too much we ‘stunt’ their growth.”

“Quit messing with game. If little Johnny can’t take it, don’t play.”

“30 points is too low, should be 40 or more.”

“Coaches and referees have gotten together when needed and run the clock. Leave the decision to discretion of the participants.”

“Takes away “snaps” from second and third teamers on Friday night.”

“I think it should be a little larger spread, like 35 or 40. With all the spread teams and four hour games these days, a team could make up a 30 point deficit easier than they could 20 years ago.”

“In the Columbus city league there are big gaps in team size and ability. There is a team that is D7 and goes 0-10 most years. You may play two teams that are very poor and then have to play a team that continually makes a run in the playoffs. It is very hard to keep kids conditioned and focused when they only get to play a half of football. We already are able to agree to shorten the quarters in the second half if both coaches agree. If the losing coach doesn’t agree then too bad.”

“Promotes poor qualities of character. It also takes away financial support schools absolutely need with the constant cuts to education.”

“Lets try it and see.”

“We have always been willing to shorten quarters/substitute/running clock/etc at our opponents request. We don’t want to embarrass children. That’s not why we do what we do. But that being said, I don’t want a running clock against me (and we have had our tails whupped before). Sportsmanship and integrity should not be legislated. It should be agreed upon between the coaches and officials…you know, the ones who actually work with kids!?!?!?!”

“No team records will be legit anymore.”

“Should be 4th quarter only. Clock should stop after possession change.”

“Once again – NOBLE motive without even considering all the REALLY Bad unintended consequences !!!”

“Integrity should not have to be put into a rule.”


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