Ohio will institute “Mercy” rule in Football in 2014


30-point Second Half lead will result in Running Clock

Competitive Balance stole the show Friday. But it wasn’t the only worthy news maker. Ohio’s new Mercy Rule in football deserves some ink too.

According to OHSAA commissioner Jerry Snodgrass, the OHSAA voted to approve a new “Mercy Rule” in football starting with the 2014 season. The rule – as adopted from NFHS regulations – stipulates that any game in which a team has a 30-point lead or greater in the second half will result in a running clock.

Snodgrass said dialogue between school admins, coaches associations and OHSAA sport administrators took place before the vote was cast and passed.

The measure was “approved as part of adoption of regulations at May bd Mtg yesterday” per Snodgrass’s Twitter account.


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