JJHuddle 2014 Top 100: Countdown Continues, Defensive Extras

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Who are Ohio’s Top 100 senior football prospects heading into the 2014 season? Here’s our take – right now. Thanks to the staffs at JJHuddle and ScoutingOhio, this is the state’s most comprehensive list of talent heading into the summer camp season. Come signing day, expect to see these names in ink.

1367933269Please keep in mind…this is by no means a list of the Top 100 Ohio High School Football Players. “Prospects” and “Players” differ greatly. There are some names on this list that may shock you and others you expect. Some that have outrageous stats and some that don’t have any. They’re all here for a reason though. They have the potential to play on Saturdays on scholarship, which brings us to this…Who will be ranked No. 1? Who will be ranked in the Top 10? Who will be ranked where?

Here’s what we know…come Monday we will release Nos. 100-96 and follow with five new names every weekday until we reach Nos. 5-1 on June 13.

In August, we will re-rank the prospects (following camp/summer season) and release the JJHuddle Top 200.

To continue the 2014 countdown, here’s a look at a list of Defensive players that just missed being in the Top 100. Consider these solid Top 200 candidates.

2014 JJHuddle Top 100

Defensive Extras

Robert Maurice Thomas, 5’11, 170, DB, TALAWANDA
Avery Larkin, 5’11, 160, DB, LA SALLE
Dante Redwood, 5’9, 175, DB, MIDVIEW
Marc Walton, 5’10, 175, DB, MENTOR
Noah Able, 5’11, 165, DB, MOELLER

Austin Phillips, 6’5, 220, DE, KENTON
Zachary Heald, 6’5, 240, DE, NORWALK
William Harvey, 6’4, 210, DE, STEUBENVILLE

Harrison Johnson, 5’9, 170, FS/SS, TROTWOOD-MADISON
Vince Lockett, 5’10, 185, FS/SS, ST VINCENT-ST MARY
Tyler Long, 6’2, 180, FS/SS, CALVERT
Mckell Jones, 6’2, 200, FS/SS, PURCELL MARIAN
Brad Morris, 6’2, 190, FS/SS, PICKERINGTON  CENTRAL
Reagan Malas, 6’1, 190, FS/SS, DUBLIN COFFMAN

Tristan Reichelderfer, 6’3, 210, LB, KENTON
Brandon Harris, 6’3, 205, LB, SHAW
Kevin Earles, 6’3, 208, LB, SPRINGBORO
Ryan Grooms, 6’3, 225, LB, GROVE CITY
Evan Croutch, 6’1, 225, LB, BOARDMAN
Harrison Roberts, 6’2, 205, LB, EUCLID
Justice Hart, 6’0, 210, LB, GLENVILLE

Offensive Extras (Click Here)


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