CBP IV: What Ohio’s ADs have to say about the passage of Competitive Balance


CBP IV: What Ohio’s Athletic Directors Have to Say…

1303155577The OHSAA announced today that its latest version of a Competitive Balance Proposal – the fourth of its kind – had finally passed. During the annual referendum voting period, which lasted the first 15 days of May, OHSAA member schools voted 411-323 in favor of the new proposal.

It will become effective in the 2016-17 school year.

So what do Ohio’s Athletic Directors have to say about it?

We asked them minutes after the final tally was released.  Here’s what some of those that responded to our survey had to say…


He Said, She Said…Quotes from Ohio’s ADs

“I hope they do something for the Division 1 schools that this proposal does not help.”

“Step in the right direction.”

“The criteria punishes small catholic schools by only allowing students from the same city’s Catholic feeder schools not to be counted against them. There are many towns that do not have a Catholic high school, so all of those students will count against a given Catholic school, even if it is the closest in proximity. In my opinion, if a student remains in the Catholic school system, he/she should not be counted against any Catholic high school.”

“Great start to changing things up-not sure if the system will be the right system but it is a start and hopefully we can work the bugs out.”

“Does not help all of its members. They totally left out the D1 schools. This brings a bunch of work for ADs and some have gone through personnel cuts, so they don’t have the support to get this done.”

“This is the most reasonable version to date. The recording, tracking and data input requirements for a system that OHSAA said they would begin working on if it passed, seems to be trouble waiting to happen. I feel like we will need a full-time compliance person to find where people went to school in grade seven. Parents are historically unreliable in reporting the truth if lying gets them what they want. We barely get by with our athletic budget now. To hire more help is not possible. Thus, I will probably have it added to my already deep pile.”

“Good start, values may need amended after effects evaluated.”

“What a hot mess this is going to create. How long before we put something else on the ballot because this process was not thought out. Maybe we need a new OHSAA???? Those running OHSAA really have not put the thought of the membership into consideration. Ram down their throats and they will cave. The North needs to get busy again. They can not be happy about this vote.”

“As a private school we felt like some issues that we were concerned with (students coming from our elementary school and middle school being multiplied and the transfer rule) were both addressed. It seemed fair to compromise on other issues so we decided that the CBP was a fair place to land in the middle.”

“A good start for helping define competitive balance.”

“We feel the OHSAA was going to keep pushing something until it eventually passed. Not sure they care if it will actually make a difference, the amount of work applied to the schools, or if they can get it accurate. They just wanted something passed, anything passed, so they can say they did something. Not the right reason to be doing this.”

“Great starting point so everyone can “get off the schnied”. Yes, it will need to be adjusted…..yes, DI will need to be examined and dealt with. But, now we move forward and people quit “wallowing” in the past.”

“The general thought is that they pacified those who led the charge to take a public/private vote previously. I highly doubt this will change anything and have a suspicion that it will create more imbalance and more inequity.    “

“My resignation letter is being printed as I type. Goodbye OHSAA.”

“It is the best they have come up with to date, hopefully they keep after it and continue to improve it.”

“I think it is a step in the right direction. I am sure it will need to be tweeked a little after a year or so. I would like them to to use the tournament roster from the year before. I am concerned that a Freshman or Sophomore that is not a star player might get cut from team if school is close to moving to next division.”

“It’s a ton of work for the schools, and the OHSAA is not ready for this work with a shrinking staff up there. No data was presented on how effective this could be. Take another survey and take a vote of confidence in the OHSAA leadership and see what you get. Shame on the Board of Directors who meet less and less and just accept this kind of effort from the Commissioners.”

“It does not address the needs of smaller Division I schools. The OHSAA split Division I in football and it worked nicely. In this model, schools’ enrollment counts can only increase, which fails to help schools our size. The current Division I opponents will remain Division I, and as long as the OHSAA continues to divide schools evenly in divisions by enrollment without adding another division, schools our size (approx. 400 boys 10-12) will continue to play schools with twice or three times as many boys in tournament play. That is not competitive balance.”

“A lot of work for ADs, with very few changes.”

“Not sure it is really going to make a difference since the multiplier is still subjective.”

“A lot of more work for schools and administrators.”

“We need to give it a try and see what happens.”

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