CBP IV Survey #8: Do you think schools should simply be separated into public and private state tournaments?


JJH CBP Survey: Ohio’s Athletic Directors Speak Out

1303155577Will the fourth time be the charm for a Competitive Balance Proposal in Ohio? Less than 24 hours before the start of the OHSAA’s swift seven-day sales pitch (the first Town Hall Meeting is Wednesday in Dayton), here’s what we know. We sent a survey to every athletic director in Ohio last week and plenty responded. If it’s up to them, the answer is…

It’s going top be agonizingly close again.

Nearly 200 schools responded to our 10-question survey and their answers are below. Eight questions were Yes/No. Two allowed for more descriptive responses.

Also, as noted, we sent this survey to Athletic Directors, not Principals. While principals will officially cast the vote for their school on the OHSAA ballot, we wanted to know what the main athletic leader in each district thought about the burning athletic question statewide.

Here are the results. Click on a question to see the results.

What Ohio’s ADs told us…

8. Do you think schools should simply be separated into public and private state tournaments?

*Yes: 33%
*No: 67%

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING (Ohio AD comments):

*I do see that as being the potential outcome if the CBP doesn’t pass.

*This would be bad for both.

*This is one of the top states in the country for high school sports. Winning a championship in Ohio is a hard thing to do – it has meaning and the kids realize the value in that.

*If that is the best way to do it. I would not like to see that, but maybe it might be the only way. Maybe that is the only way to help the Division 1 issue.

*I would prefer to find a way to make this work. However, if this, the 4TH try at CBP doesn’t pass, next year at this time we will be looking at a proposal to have separate tournaments.

*Have you looked at the data of public vs. private state championships?

*I am hesitant to say that is the only solution but certainly the easiest. And far better than anything that we have seen.

*Everyone is not on an even playing field! But everyone is worried that the Private schools will leave and create their own association with no rules! Then the public schools lose again!

*On the fence with this one. Would love to see it on the ballot and see what happens.

*If not, private schools should compete in the tournament based on the level of their in season competition. If they play primarily DI schools then play in that tournament.

*This will eventually be the next step if things do not change.

*Unfortunately, this does not sound like it is something that can happen.

*For sure, no question about it.



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