CBP IV Survey #2: Which way do you anticipate your principal (school) will vote on the upcoming competitive balance proposal?


JJH CBP Survey: Ohio’s Athletic Directors Speak Out

1303155577Will the fourth time be the charm for a Competitive Balance Proposal in Ohio? Less than 24 hours before the start of the OHSAA’s swift seven-day sales pitch (the first Town Hall Meeting is Wednesday in Dayton), here’s what we know. We sent a survey to every athletic director in Ohio last week and plenty responded. If it’s up to them, the answer is…

It’s going top be agonizingly close again.

Nearly 200 schools responded to our 10-question survey and their answers are below. Eight questions were Yes/No. Two allowed for more descriptive responses.

Also, as noted, we sent this survey to Athletic Directors, not Principals. While principals will officially cast the vote for their school on the OHSAA ballot, we wanted to know what the main athletic leader in each district thought about the burning athletic question statewide.

Here are the results. Click on a question to see the results.

What Ohio’s ADs told us…

2. Which way do you anticipate your principal (school) will vote on the upcoming competitive balance proposal?

*Yes: 48%
*No: 52%

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING (Ohio AD comments):

*The proposal does nothing to improve competitive balance.

*Until Division I is fixed will not vote for

*Does nothing for Division 1

*Proposal does not take into account challenges faced by inner city schools with open enrollment.

*Still lots of problems with the proposal. You are counting on the schools to report the information themselves. Will the multipliers be enough? It is hard to tell what it will look like.

*Too Cumbersome and ineffective

*OHSAA has not given us enough info. Unwilling to pilot it first.

*Too much to track

*This is the best language we have seen; not perfect, but is something that can be a starting point and tweaked moving forward.

*We are a private school and admit we have advantages in regard to the geographic area we are able to admit students to our school. This is the most fair proposal in order to address those perceived advantages.

*We would like to see it come to a vote for Separation. If it fails so be it!

*OHSAA has skirted the issue for years now. Time to vote separate or not separate.



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