CBP IV Survey #10: If you are a Division I school, do you plan to vote? If so, how do you plan to vote and why?


JJH CBP Survey: Ohio’s Athletic Directors Speak Out

1303155577Will the fourth time be the charm for a Competitive Balance Proposal in Ohio? Less than 24 hours before the start of the OHSAA’s swift seven-day sales pitch (the first Town Hall Meeting is Wednesday in Dayton), here’s what we know. We sent a survey to every athletic director in Ohio last week and plenty responded. If it’s up to them, the answer is…

It’s going top be agonizingly close again.

Nearly 200 schools responded to our 10-question survey and their answers are below. Eight questions were Yes/No. Two allowed for more descriptive responses.

Also, as noted, we sent this survey to Athletic Directors, not Principals. While principals will officially cast the vote for their school on the OHSAA ballot, we wanted to know what the main athletic leader in each district thought about the burning athletic question statewide.

Here are the results. Click on a question to see the results.

What Ohio’s ADs told us…

10. If you are a Division I school, do you plan to vote? If so, how do you plan to vote and why?

*Yes. Will vote against as the difference from top to bottom in enrollment count is severe unless you are a private school.

*Does it matter?

*Yes – we’ll vote for it. Private schools have too much of an advantage over the little country schools. I’d like to see all the private schools all play Division 1 – that would be more fair than the present system for athletics.

*Yes we are. We will vote because the overall health of the OHSAA affects us just as would any school in any division

*We will probably vote no, due to nothing will affect us in a positive way.

*We are a Division 1 school, and we will vote Yes. There must be a starting step for this process. Are the Private schools, and their problems, being pushed up the ladder? Yes, but failure to pass this proposal will lead to separation, and the end of the OHSAA. We Public schools, left with our Education Based Model, will become the JV programs for all of the Private schools. We are the only country in the world that blends sports and school the way we do, it’s a cultural thing, and failure to pass this will lead to dramatic changes. Schools will be only for academics, like in the rest of the world. Parents will pay for their child to play for the program, that they believe enhances their child’s opportunity to advance.

*We are voting no because they have not addressed the situation in D1 at all.

*Yes we plan to vote and we will be voting no. The result would be more private schools being moved to division 1 and 2.

*We have not decided as a department. Quite a few pros and cons.

*I will try to talk our principal into voting no.

*Yes. We will vote yes so we can move on to other issues.

*Vote in favor and allow the process to adjust moving forward. This is a no-brainer if looked at objectively and desiring to move forward (rather than sitting around “admiring the problem”).

*We will vote yes. Separation is not in the best interest for private or public.

*Yes and Yes – because it is better than what we have currently.

*Yes and Yes. Because we believe there needs to be more competitive balance for all schools.



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