CBP IV: The Saga Continues and so does our Annual Survey…Results (and Comments) from Ohio’s ADs coming this week.


Will the fourth time be the charm for a Competitive Balance Proposal in Ohio? Less than 96 hours before the start of the OHSAA’s swift seven-day sales pitch (the first Town Hall Meeting is Wednesday in Dayton), here’s what we know. We sent a survey to every athletic director in Ohio last week and plenty responded. If it’s up to them, the answer is…

1303155577To be announced Tuesday. That’s when we will release the results of our survey.

Nearly a quarter of Ohio’s schools have responded to our 10-question form and their answers so far are stunning. Eight questions are Yes/No and two allow a more descriptive detail of likes/dislikes with the new CBP (those responses we will run separate).

As noted, we sent this survey to Athletic Directors, not Principals. While principals will officially cast the vote for their school on the OHSAA ballot, we wanted to know what the main athletic leader in each district thought about the burning athletic question statewide.

The ballots continue to come in…

(Note: If you are an Ohio AD who has note voted on the poll and wants to, please email me at efrantz@jjhuddle.com. I will send you a link for the survey).

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