New OHSAA Competitive Balance Proposal: Cliff Notes


OHSAA Board of Directors Unanimously Approves Competitive Balance Proposal

Similar Plan from 2013 Will be Voted Upon By Membership in May

This afternoon OHSAA Commissioner Dr. Dan Ross addressed a panel of statewide media via confernece call fromt eh OHSAA offices in Columbus. The topic? The OHSAA’s NEW Competitive Balance Proposal. This proposal – the fourth of its kind – is set to be sent to schools for vote at the end of April. An announcement regarding its passage/denial is expected May 16. Earlier today the OHSAA released a statement regarding the new CBP. It can be accessed below. Also below are our Tweets during today’s teleconference. Consider it a scaled down version of what’s to come…



*No. 1 issue schools wanted to deal with was CB. 4x greater than No. 2 – Transfers.

*Previous opposing group unable to generate signatures to enter new petition for split

*Former Wayne County group leaders approve this new proposal

*Add roster # from sport (based on address/history) to Emis number = Division Placement

*Increase in EMIS # for each student from outside district…Football (2)

*Increase in EMIS # for each student from outside district…VB, BKB, SB, BB (5)

*Increase in EMIS # for each student from outside district…SCR (6)

*OHSAA allowing catholic schools to choose a parrish or feeder school to designate as home school. Just one.

*Going to allow private schools to designate one parrish/feeder school as home school.

*Previous year’s numbers/roster will affect next year’s divisions.

*OHSAA will have to do a good job clarifying how this all works. Town Hall meetings in April key.

*Additional proposal on ballot to force schools to return ballot (not vote, just return)

*Will have compliance support people working with schools to put system together

*Dr. Ross: “We do believe we can put it in place and pilot it”

*Very severe penalties if someone “doesn’t want to play nice in the sandbox” with this

*One issue remains individual sports…Golf, Tennis, XC, Gymnastics, Swimming

*It was never intended to deal with Division I…

*Feel that seventh divisional title in football at least alleviated some strain

*Division I is an animal all its own…

*Will have to sit down and ask what can we do in DI, how can we make this work

*Some people will not let D-I go away…will address it…just couldn’t now

*Don’t think you can ever said it’s dead – Dividing Public and Private totally

*Everyone on committee (27) beliives that this is the best proposal we’ve had so far

*Any formula change will go back to schools for a vote

*Private schools can select a new feeder school/parrish every two years

*Division I has too many tentacles for us to attack at one time

*Schools receive ballots April 28. Due back 4 p.m., May 15th. Outcome announced May 16.

*Proposal failed 327-308 last year. If 10 schools voted other way would have passed.

*51 schools voted against former proposal because of EMIS #s. (OHSAA has no control)

*17 schools voted against former proposal because of tradition factor (wasn’t one)

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