Ohio Lowedown: Annual State Tournament Predictions Report (STPR) has Arrived; Who is favored?


Ohio Lowedown

By Josh Lowe (@JoshMLowe)

Annual State Tournament Predictions Report is Here! Who is favored for state titles, placements, berths

Thank you for taking the time to read the State Tournament Predictions Report. As I embark on year number eleven – for which I have record – of doing this in some way, shape, or form … let’s take a quick look back at how the first ten years have went in predictions, as well as the current landscape in Ohio high school wrestling.

JJH-LoweOne of the first observations – at least to me – about this season in Ohio is, “where have the stars gone?” Well, there are two shining lights this year: Micah Jordan (St. Paris Graham) and Jacob Danishek (Dayton Christian). Both wrestlers are ranked among the best in the country at their weight classes, made their second Walsh Ironman finals this December, and earned the title in that prestigious tournament. Additionally, each wrestler will be after a fourth state title come Saturday, March 1.

However, in comparison to previous years, the top end talent behind those two wrestlers (on a national scale) seems to be lacking this year.

In addition to being an attempt to accurately predict the champion (and those towards the top) of each weight class, there are two other primary objectives in the creation of this report: (1) an attempt to accurate gauge the composition of each district tournament weight class (2) to provide fans an informative, yet entertaining, read on what to expect in the state series over the next month.

Please note that this report is a reflection of the information acquired based on wrestling through the weekend ending January 18th updating done after the weekend of wrestling ending January 25th. There are two more weekends of wrestling left in this regular season, one of them being state dual meet championship Saturday.

These are two predictions that I guarantee to be correct:

*The state tournament will be staged at Value City Arena on the campus of Ohio State University February 27th through March 1st.

*42 wrestlers will be crowned as champions, 14 weight classes across 3 divisions.

Best of luck on the remainder of the season, hope you all achieve the levels of success you wish for, and enjoy the reading!













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