OIAAA/OASSA Ohio Boys Basketball Statewide Scoreboard: Report, Find Scores

Ohio HS Statewide Boys Basketball Scoreboard

Earlier this school year we announced a new business partnership between the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA), the Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (OIAAA) and JJHuddle.com. The partnership provides value statewide and enhances the coverage of Ohio high school athletics by providing real-time/quarterly scores for all varsity football and boys basketball games.

The OASSA, OIAAA and JJHuddle coordinated the collection, reporting and presentation of scores during football season, and as a result of the partnership JJHuddle has already made the first of several scheduled significant financial contributions to both non-profit associations.

Moving forward we need continued support and participation in the program with boys basketball beginning soon.

What Is Required: How YOU Can Help

Each school is being asked to assign an individual as that school’s “QuarterSpondent.” That person (staff, parent, statistician, etc.) will be the designated score reporter and will update scores at all varsity boys basketball games after each quarter. Data entry will include only numeric scores – no commentary, posts or stats are allowed or required.

We’re asking each District to get a commitment from one person at your school to fulfill this capacity for boys basketball.

Instruct this person to register as a Quarterspondent using the link below.

Fulfilling this obligations is very important to the success of the project.

QuarterSpondents must:

1. Have a smartphone with browser (internet) capability

*Note: All reporting will be done through the mobile device’s browser so there will be no texting or calling fees.

2. Go to the following link and fill out all required fields

bkb_clickscores*Note: QS information (Name, Email, School) will be used to contact QS for score purposes only (no posting of comments will be available) The information will never be shared or used for other purposes.

JJHuddle will supply both the OASSA and OIAAA with continued reports indicating what schools have a QuarterSpondent in place and which ones do not.

Schools Score Pages and FREE Apps

The reports submitted by each school’s quarterspondent will populate both that School’s District-Specific App/Homepage and the the Main Statewide Scores Page located here (www.jjhuddle.com/schools).


Thank you for your prompt and continued action in this matter.

Your efforts directly benefit the OIAAA, the OASSA and high school sports fans across Ohio.

How To Enter Scores: What To Do…



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