D-VII State Football Final Preview: Keys, Quotes, Notes, Top Players & Predictions

The State Championships have arrived. Whether you’re headed to Stark County or headed to the couch to watch on TV, here’s what you need to know...D-VII’s Top Players, Quotes, Notes, Predictions, Stats & More.


2013 State Football Final Information

Division VII Preview


Division VII State Final: Saturday, 7 p.m., Massillon Paul Brown Tiger Stadium

Marion Local (14-0/ONG JJH No. 1/AP No. 1) vs Glouster Trimble (14-0/ONG JJH No. 3/AP No. 3t)



1. Mr. Clutch vs the Mohawk Mafia

Trimble owns one of the state’s top defenses led by standout senior LB Jacob Koons. Over the last two years the Tomcats have shutout 14 of 26 opponents and have allowed just 158 total points (6.1 ppg). This year Trimble returned all 11 starters from last year’s unit and proceeded to break last year’s record of six shutouts with eight. “We’ve got a good mix of size and speed,” Trimble head coach Phil Faires said. “They really take pride in their defense. We’re pretty good tacklers.” They better be. Marion Local is led by the state’s top small school quarterback – senior Adam Bertke. The Pitt commit has earned the respect of Marion Local head coach Tim Goodwin. “He’s a stud on and off the field. That’s the only way I can describe him,” Goodwin said. “He’s what you want your son to be and he’s who you want your daughter to date.” Despite missing some games midseason with a broke finger in his throwing hand, Bertke has turned it up in the playoffs. He directs an offense averaging 46 points in four playoff games.

2. Depth vs Double Duty

Trimble has eight players that go both ways. Marion Local has 62 players on its roster and a team Goodwin considers one of his deepest ever. The Flyers graduated just six seniors off last year’s title team. “Some years you have it, some you don’t,” Goodwin said. “It’s just one of those years where we have depth. We also have kids who are multi-talented. We have versatility. We can break the huddle with the same group of guys and line up a lot of different ways.” Trimble’s two-way standouts are studs. But can they hold up against the constant pounding of a MAC power? “We’re happy to get to play what we consider the best program in Division VII,” Faires said. “To get to match your program up with the best in the state in the last game on the year on the biggest stage…we’re proud of that fact. To be the best you have to beat the best, and we feel Marion Local is the best right now in D-VII. They have athletes all over the field.”

3. Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Marion Local hails from Mercer County, which ranks dead last in Ohio in unemployment rate. Athens County, where Trimble calls home, is nestled in an area of the state (southeast) that includes several of the Ohio’s top 10 counties for unemployment. Meigs County, which borders Athens to the south, ranks No. 1 in Ohio in unemployment and has a rate (12.0) almost three times that of Mercer (4.3). Just as drastic is the postseason gap between the two schools. Marion Local is trying to become the first public school in history to win seven state titles. Trimble has seven postseason wins. The MAC has 28 state titles. Southeast Ohio has four – Ironton (two), Wheelersburg and Nelsonville-York. N-Y is the only Athens County school to win a state title (1981). The last time a Southeast Ohio team played a MAC team in the state final was in 2010, Delphos St. John’s beat Shadyside 77-6 in D-VI.



Konner Standley, sr., QB/DB, Trimble
Austin Downs, jr., DB/WR, Trimble
Jacob Koons, sr., FB/LB, Trimble
Adam Bertke, sr., QB/DB, Marion Local
Jacey Goettemoeller, jr., RB/DB, Marion Local
Jacob Kunkler, jr., LB, Marion Local


Eric Frantz Pick: Marion Local
Drew Pasteur Pick: Marion Local by 21
Cal Preps: Marion Local by 28


Lima Shawnee W, 42-7
West Jefferson W, 29-0
Rockford Parkway W, 42-13
Fort Recovery W, 33-0
Versailles W, 28-0
Delphos St. John’s W, 28-14
St. Henry W, 35-7
Coldwater W, 47-14
Anna W, 14-3
New Bremen W, 42-6
Fort Loramie W, 63-14
Covington W, 35-28
North Lewisburg Triad W, 50-0
State Semifinal
Delphos St. John’s W, 35-6

Nelsonville-York W, 40-0
Wahama, WV W, 12-7
Crown City South Gallia W, 48-0
Pomeroy Meigs W, 16-0
Corning Miller W, 55-0
Waterford W, 48-0
Reedsville Eastern W, 60-12
Belpre W, 54-0
Racine Southern W, 42-14
Stewart Federal Hocking W, 59-0
Beallsville W, 61-0
Steubenville Catholic Central W, 27-22
Shadyside W, 21-14
State Semifinal
Berlin Center Western Reserve W, 14-10




12 thoughts on “D-VII State Football Final Preview: Keys, Quotes, Notes, Top Players & Predictions

  1. claudia guffey

    What does unemployment stats have to do with the performance of these teams?? very offended steoro typing… typical press

  2. wesmess73

    Teams from the southeast part of the state are not very good , so with that being said Marion Local will win big in this one.

    • George McLean

      what do you know about se ohio football? we are not on tv. we rarely make a big city newspaper, i.e. columbus dispatch. we actually have had some pretty good football players in this area. the coach a meigs hs played for new england and i believe has a super bowl championship ring. athens hs had 3 players from the 65 team go on to play pro ball. before that, a little school called chauncey-dover had a player who held several state records for his offensive prowess and in fact, may still hold one or two. he went on to play for a guy named woody and then to the l a rams. several players from the area have gone on to play a D-I schools. no , usins is poo and dum and we caint do much o nuthin. go ahead and believe that. i really hope the mohawk mafia shoves your ego up where the sun don’t shine. go tomcats!!!!

    • sandy

      If teams from the southeast are not very good well you must of missed something because 1 team is still in it and has the record as marion local, so with that being said LETS KEEP THAT TRAIN A ROLL’IN TOMCATS A.K.A MOHAWK MOFIA

    • John

      If we not that good tell me y trimble is playing for the state title. And that athens QB was named gatoraids mr.football thus year. Your just immature

  3. Jerry Lackey

    Never underestimate the power of a focused team, driven by the love of their community. This will be a lot closer than you think.

  4. Tina McKee

    Southeastern Ohio may not be the richest part of the state, and we may not be the biggest kids on the block. But we have something that Marion Local may not have enough of, and that’s: HEART, a community that stands behind our boys not matter what the out come is, and of course PRIDE. We know we are small and looked down on from time to time, but that hasn’t stopped us, nor will it. Never underestimate the abilities of the “smaller” competition, because you never know if they might turn out to be bigger than you in more ways than one. With that being said, even if we ( The Mohawk Mafia) lose this game, we’ve won the respect we deserve. And that’s enough for us. Also, I believe the score is going to much closer than what others might think. So lets go out there and show them what it’s like to play a “not so good team from Southeastern Ohio” and kick some butt!
    Rutter Tough! Hold The Rope! Tomcat Pride! Mohawk Mafia all the way!!! 15-0

  5. Susan Sandberg

    To the person who asked “what does unemployment rate have to do with football?” A few months ago, I would have said the same thing…but now I get it. I’ve been a Marion Local fan for many years, especially now that my grandson is a junior starter on defense. I have marveled at this team so much…I have sons and grandsons that have all played football so much for so long that I’ve likely watched 300 or more high school games, in several different places in the country…but I’m telling you, ML is different! I always thought it was some kind of weird magic that these young men were not only outstanding athletes (at least half of them are farm boys), but the nicest, kindest, most responsible young men I have ever seen, anywhere. (P.S. I do not live in the community–I’m more than an hour away, near Dayton). This was always a mystery to me, until I watched a video clip of several of the leading players on the team, as they were asked by a tv reporter: “what is ML’s secret? Why are they big winners, year after year after year?” They were interviewed individually, away from the other boys. Each did not hesitate in saying exactly the same thing: “family”. So what do families have to do with smash-mouth football? Apparently, EVERYTHING.This is an extremely strong German Catholic community…so old-fashioned you’d think you were in Leave it to Beaver, circa 1958. Strong morals, strong families with an incredibly low divorce rate, they all pray in public and in school, and they all believe in God, Mom and Dad, America, and Apple pie. In that order. And I’m not kidding or exaggerating. Oh, and it may not hurt that they are flipping’ ALL RELATED TO EACH OTHER. Not exaggerating there, either. There’s only about six last names in the entire community–at first I thought that was hilarious, but now I just feel quite reverent about that, and so do they. FAMILY. And EVERYONE there is beloved family, both literally and figuratively. I’ve heard the phrase “it’s a Marion Local thing”….lots of times. You’d have to be here and feel it, that’s all I can say. Can’t explain it any further…Oh yeah and they’ve earned it. That too. To finally return to the subject, families tend to move out of high-unemployment areas, that’s a known statistic. And please, this is not a slam against non-whole families, please don’t start a tirade, this is simple demographics, and I’m only repeating what every resident there says–I actually would never say such a thing from myself, because I would normally see no connection. But now I do. I still maintain it is magic! (LOL) Now for the person who spoke rather hastily about ML fans saying it will be a blowout, etc….THERE IS NO ML FAN THAT WOULD SAY THAT!!! People stating that are the forum lurkers and know-it-all’s or whatever…but it a’int ML folks, ’cause like me they have HUGE respect for any team that has Trimble’s record! Only an idiot wouldn’t be afraid of Trimble! Here’s to a great game, well played by both sides, no injuries, clean and respectful!! Go Trimble, and GO FLYERS!!!

  6. Dennis Recker

    Marion Local plays a very respectable league slate year in and year out. Coach Goodwin is among the best in the business of Highschool Football. He will analyze an opponent, develop a sound game plan and prep his team to perfection. He never disrespects or under etimates an opponent. Trimble did what they needed to do to make it this far and Marion will be an able opponent. If you win a State Championship this year you will have earned it. My hope is that both teams play their best and that in the end both teams can reflect with justifiable pride on this seasons achievement .
    Go Flyers

  7. Bird 58

    ML always is respectful in the MAC and in every playoff game I have seen! I believe that is why they are so successful. They won’t underestimate Trimble and if the score gets lopsided they will be putting in the subs but they are good too just like DSJ vs Shadyside. It is not intentional, I hope to see a entertaining game but after what ML did this year with all the injuries and not missing a beat I’m just being realistic.Just hope there are no injuries! Good luck to both!


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