Who We Say Wins the D-VI Regional Semifinals: Eric Frantz and Drew Pasteur go head-to-head

It took four years, but I finally got the best of Drew Pastuer and the Fantastic 50 in the first round of the football playoffs. Last year we tied with 72 correct first round picks. This year – with more games – I predicted 93 games right. DP 89.

Neither of us correctly predicted an entire region. The best score was 14-2, which I achieved in Divisions I, II, IV and VII. DP went 14-2 in Divisions III and VII. Our worst region? 11-5. That’s what I went in DV and DP went in DV and VI.

The toughest region? DIII Region 16 where all four road teams won (Coldwater, Chippewa, Loudonville and Huron). Both DP and I went 1-3 in that region. We both won picked Coldwater.

Now on to the Regional Semifinals. Hoping for another first.


Division VI
Games at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15

Region 19

EF: 1 Kirtland (11‐0) vs. 5 Louisville St. Thomas Aquinas (9‐2) at Hudson Memorial Stadium, Murdough Field: Kirtland
DP: Kirtland (11-0) by 11 (76%) vs St Thomas Aquinas (Louisville) (9-2)
*Kirtland notched its fourth shuout of the season last week and has three in the last five weeks. Offense? The Hornets have scored under 52 points once this season. They’ve scored over 60 six times.

EF: 2 Canfield South Range (11‐0) vs. 3 Mogadore (10‐1) at Minerva Dr. Robert H. Hines Stadium: South Range
DP: South Range (North Lima) (11-0) by 3 (58%) vs Mogadore (10-1)
*South Range is the only one of the region’s four semifinalists without a state title to its credit. To take another step towards that goal it’ll have to beat a program with 50 postseason wins and three title.

Region 20

EF: 1 Defiance Tinora (10‐1) vs. 5 Haviland Wayne Trace (10‐1) at Lima Stadium: Tinora
DP: Tinora (Defiance) (10-1) by 2 (56%) vs Wayne Trace (Haviland) (10-1)
*Rematch of a Week 8 Green Meadows Conference game that Tinora won 27-16. Four turnovers were key in that contest.

EF: 7 Ada (8‐3) vs. 6 Convoy Crestview (9‐2) at Wapakoneta Harmon Field: Crestview
DP: Crestview (Convoy) (9-2) by 4 (60%) vs Ada (8-3)
*Ada beat Delphos Jefferson for the second time this season last week. Now Crestview attempts to beat Ada for the second time this season. Rematch of Week 7 game the Knights won 63-12. DP’s spread is four.

Region 21

EF: 1 Lucasville Valley (11‐0) vs. 4 Newark Catholic (10‐1) at Nelsonville‐York Boston Field: Newark Catholic
DP: Newark Catholic (Newark) (10-1) by 5 (63%) vs Valley (Lucasville) (11-0)
*Lucasville Valley won its eighth playoff game last week. Newark Catholic won its 68th. Since a 26-14 loss to Ready in Week 1, the Green Wave has won 10 straight and is just a win away from a potential rematch with Ready.

EF: 2 Cols. Bishop Ready (10‐1) vs. 6 Woodsfield Monroe Central (8‐3) at Zanesville Sulsberger Stadium: Ready
DP: Bishop Ready (Columbus) (10-1) by 22 (92%) vs Monroe Central (Woodsfield) (8-3)
*The Silver Knights scored 48 points or more for the eighth time in nine games last week. Monroe Central will try to beat its second Central Ohio squad after beating previously unbeaten Centerburg in the first round.

Region 22

EF: 1 Casstown Miami East (10‐1) vs. 4 Mechanicsburg (9‐2) at Dayton Welcome Stadium: Mechanicsburg
DP: Mechanicsburg (9-2) by 2 (54%) vs Miami East (Casstown) (10-1)
*Led by freshman QB Kaleb Romero (four TDs), Mechanicsburg won its first playoff game since 2008 with a 50-13 win over National Trail. Now the Indians face another Cross County Conference team in Miami East.

EF: 7 Cin. Summit Country Day (9‐2) vs. 6 West Liberty‐Salem (9‐2) at Kettering Roush Stadium: Summit Country Day
DP: West Liberty-Salem (West Liberty) (9-2) by 3 (57%) vs Summit Country Day (Cincinnati) (9-2)
*Getting revenge for a Week 8 loss by beating Cincinnati Country Day 55-28, Summit suddenly becomes the favorite in this region. WLS won its first road playoff game last week.


Regional Semifinal History

EF Picks 2013: TBA
EF Picks 2012: 39-9 (81%)
EF Picks 2011: 31-17 (65%)
EF Picks 2010: 35-13 (73%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2013: TBA
DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: 39-9 (81%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 35-13 (73%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010: 37-11 (77%)

Regional Quarterfinal History

EF Picks 2013: 93-19 (83%)
EF Picks 2012: 72-24 (75%)
EF Picks 2011: 76-20 (79%)
EF Picks 2010: 72-24 (75%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2013: 89-23 (79.5%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: 72-24 (75%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 82-14 (85%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010: 77-19 (80%)

Regular Season Recap

WHIO TV 2013 Picks Final:
Last Week: 6-0
Season Total: 51-9 (85%)
Finished strong with another 6-0 week and finished second overall in WHIO TV’s contest. Congrats to shadatc who went 54-6.

Columbus ThisWeek Picks Final:
Last Week: 12-3
Season Total: 114-36 (76%)
After finishing middle of the pack last year, I finished first overall this season. Feels good to have proof that I kind of know what I’m talking about.

Ohio Statewide Slate
Last Week: 16-4
Season Total: 146-54 (73%)
Finished on an upward swing after some less than impressive weeks.




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