Who We Say Wins the D-V Regional Semifinals: Eric Frantz and Drew Pasteur go head-to-head

It took four years, but I finally got the best of Drew Pastuer and the Fantastic 50 in the first round of the football playoffs. Last year we tied with 72 correct first round picks. This year – with more games – I predicted 93 games right. DP 89.

Neither of us correctly predicted an entire region. The best score was 14-2, which I achieved in Divisions I, II, IV and VII. DP went 14-2 in Divisions III and VII. Our worst region? 11-5. That’s what I went in DV and DP went in DV and VI.

The toughest region? DIII Region 16 where all four road teams won (Coldwater, Chippewa, Loudonville and Huron). Both DP and I went 1-3 in that region. We both won picked Coldwater.

Now on to the Regional Semifinals. Hoping for another first.


Division V
Games at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 16

Region 15

EF: 1 Akron Manchester (9‐2) vs. 5 Navarre Fairless (8‐3) at Canton Central Catholic Lowell Klinefelter Field: Manchester
DP: Manchester (Akron) (9-2) by 10 (73%) vs Fairless (Navarre) (8-3)
*Manchester pulled off the biggest win in the first round statewide last week with its shocking 19-16 victory over Youngstown Ursuline. Letdown? Unlikely. A rematch with Fairless awaits. The first time around Fairless won 49-48 in triple OT.

EF: 2 Columbiana Crestview (10‐1) vs. 3 Gates Mills Gilmour Academy (9‐2) at Akron St. Vincent‐St. Mary John Cistone Field at Green Street Stadium: Crestview
DP: Crestview (Columbiana) (10-1) by 7 (66%) vs Gilmour Academy (Gates Mills) (9-2)
*Crestview hasn’t scored less than 35 points this season (even in their loss). Gilmour’s only allowed three teams to score more than 19 points.

Region 16

EF: 8 Doylestown Chippewa (9‐2) vs. 5 Coldwater (9‐2) at Tiffin National Field at Frost‐Kalnow Stadium: Coldwater
DP: #43 Coldwater (9-2) by 25 (94%) vs Chippewa (Doylestown) (9-2)
*Not sure about the 25-point spread considering what Chippewa did to Columbia last week (won 62-28), but Coldwater continues to be a postseason machine. The Cavs are three games away from their fifth straight state final.

EF: 7 Huron (8‐3) vs. 6 Loudonville (10‐1) at Medina Ken Dukes Stadium: Loudonville
DP: Huron (8-3) by 1 (53%) vs Loudonville (10-1)
*Loudonville held one all-star (Tyler Smith) in check last week during its 20-8 win over West Salem Northwestern. Now it’ll try to do the same this week against Huron and Toledo commit Cody Thompson. Loudonville’s Ryan Weber is a difference maker.

Region 17

EF: 1 Cols. Bishop Hartley (10‐1) vs. 5 Baltimore Liberty Union (9‐2) at Bloom‐Carroll Carl Fell Stadium: Hartley
DP: #27 Bishop Hartley (Columbus) (10-1) by 21 (91%) vs Liberty Union (Baltimore) (9-2)
*LU notched another impressive postseason win last week at St. Clairsville. Beating Hartley, however, is a totally different task. Don’t expect the Lions to go quietly.

EF: 2 Martins Ferry (10‐1) vs. 3 Wheelersburg (10‐1) at Columbus Hamilton Township Alumni Stadium: Wheelersburg
DP: Wheelersburg (10-1) by 16 (84%) vs Martins Ferry (10-1)
*Martins Ferry was nearly upset by Westfall in the first round before rallying for a 30-28 win. Just one of those days? We’ll find out this week. The Burg is looking to even its postseason record (22-23 in 25 trips).

Region 18

EF: 1 West Jefferson (10‐1) vs. 4 Richwood North Union (10‐1) at Hilliard Bradley Stadium: North Union
DP: North Union (Richwood) (10-1) by 3 (58%) vs West Jefferson (10-1)
*Going to be a good game between Central Ohio powers and the No. 2 (NU) and 3 (WJ) teams in the final NBC4 JJHuddle Central Ohio Power Poll.

EF: 2 Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (11‐0) vs. 3 Hamilton Badin (9‐2) at Mason Dwire Field at Atrium Stadium: Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
DP: Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (11-0) by 1 (52%) vs Badin (Hamilton) (9-2)
*Too bad this isn’t a baseball game. Needless to say, there’s some tension between these two schools. Tough to pick against Badin (very tough), but if CHCA is going to beat Badin…it’s going to be in this game.


Regional Semifinal History

EF Picks 2013: TBA
EF Picks 2012: 39-9 (81%)
EF Picks 2011: 31-17 (65%)
EF Picks 2010: 35-13 (73%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2013: TBA
DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: 39-9 (81%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 35-13 (73%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010: 37-11 (77%)

Regional Quarterfinal History

EF Picks 2013: 93-19 (83%)
EF Picks 2012: 72-24 (75%)
EF Picks 2011: 76-20 (79%)
EF Picks 2010: 72-24 (75%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2013: 89-23 (79.5%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: 72-24 (75%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 82-14 (85%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010: 77-19 (80%)

Regular Season Recap

WHIO TV 2013 Picks Final:
Last Week: 6-0
Season Total: 51-9 (85%)
Finished strong with another 6-0 week and finished second overall in WHIO TV’s contest. Congrats to shadatc who went 54-6.

Columbus ThisWeek Picks Final:
Last Week: 12-3
Season Total: 114-36 (76%)
After finishing middle of the pack last year, I finished first overall this season. Feels good to have proof that I kind of know what I’m talking about.

Ohio Statewide Slate
Last Week: 16-4
Season Total: 146-54 (73%)
Finished on an upward swing after some less than impressive weeks.




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