Who We Say Wins the D-II Regional Semifinals: Eric Frantz and Drew Pasteur go head-to-head

It took four years, but I finally got the best of Drew Pastuer and the Fantastic 50 in the first round of the football playoffs. Last year we tied with 72 correct first round picks. This year – with more games – I predicted 93 games right. DP 89.

Neither of us correctly predicted an entire region. The best score was 14-2, which I achieved in Divisions I, II, IV and VII. DP went 14-2 in Divisions III and VII. Our worst region? 11-5. That’s what I went in DV and DP went in DV and VI.

The toughest region? DIII Region 16 where all four road teams won (Coldwater, Chippewa, Loudonville and Huron). Both DP and I went 1-3 in that region. We both won picked Coldwater.

Now on to the Regional Semifinals. Hoping for another first.


Division II
Games at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15

Region 3

EF: 1 Cle. Glenville (10‐1) vs. 5 Bedford (10‐1) at Parma Byers Field: Glenville
DP: #18 Glenville Academic Campus (Cleveland) (10-1) by 13 (79%) vs Bedford (10-1)
*Glenville recorded its sixth shutout in the last eight games. This team has special talent. Bedford, which won its first playoff game ever last week, has players too. Just not enough to beat the Tarblooders.

EF: 2 Brecksville‐Broadview Heights (10‐1) vs. 6 Madison (9‐2) at Mentor Jerome T. Osborne Sr. Stadium: Brecksville-Broadview Heights
DP: #35 Brecksville-Broadview Heights (Broadview Heights) (10-1) by 9 (71%) vs Madison (9-2)
*Good match up. Before the season, not sure how many pictured these two playing in a regional semifinal (I didn’t…listed as dark horses in the preview), but after 11 weeks someone is gunning for Week 12. One remarkable ride will continue. One will end.

Region 4

EF: 1 Medina Highland (11‐0) vs. 4 Massillon Washington (9‐2) at TBA: Massillon
DP: #12 Massillon Washington (Massillon) (9-2) by 6 (64%) vs #23 Highland (Medina) (11-0)
*Massillon draws its second straight Suburban League opponent. The teams share a common foe in Nordonia, who Highland beat 28-25 in Week 9 and Massillon beat 33-17 last week. Tiger freshman QB Danny Clark continues to blossom.

EF: 2 Avon (11‐0) vs. 6 Perrysburg (9‐2) at Kalahari Field at Huron Memorial Stadium: Avon
DP: #26 Avon (11-0) by 10 (73%) vs Perrysburg (9-2)
*Had a hunch Perrysburg was going to win last week, but didn’t pull the trigger. Not going to do it this week either.

Region 5

EF: 1 New Albany (10‐1) vs. 4 Mansfield Senior (11‐0) at Powell Olentangy Liberty Stadium: New Albany
DP: #28 Mansfield Senior (Mansfield) (11-0) by 1 (53%) vs #32 New Albany (10-1)
*Mansfield Senior has had a historic run. The Tygers finished 10-0 for the first time in 114 years of football and won their second ever playoff game last week (beat Licking Heights 24-0). Their next opponent – New Albany – will be the best team they’ve faced all season. The Eagles finally found their offense again last week in a 35-21 win over Northland.

EF: 2 Worthington Kilbourne (10‐1) vs. 3 Zanesville (11‐0) at Gahanna Lincoln Stadium: Zanesville
DP: #14 Zanesville (11-0) by 6 (66%) vs #30 Worthington Kilbourne (Columbus) (10-1)
*Doozy. Kilbourne rebounded from a 3-7 finish a year ago to become the top-ranked team in the final NBC4 JJHuddle Central Ohio Power Poll. Zanesville is one of the state’s top-ranked teams in any poll. The Blue Devils have outscored their last three opponents 169-0. Terribly difficult game to pick.

Region 6

EF: 1 Loveland (11‐0) vs. 4 Cin. Northwest (9‐2) at West Chester Lakota West Firebird Stadium: Loveland
DP: #15 Loveland (11-0) by 21 (91%) vs Northwest (Cincinnati) (9-2)
*Northwest won its first playoff game ever last week 56-35 over Harrison. This week the competition gets ratcheted up a notch with Loveland. The Tigers have allowed 67 points this season and have recorded three straight shutouts.

EF: 2 Cin. Mount Healthy (10‐1) vs. 3 Cin. Winton Woods (9‐2) at Lockland Roettger Field: Winton Woods
DP: #20 Winton Woods (Cincinnati) (9-2) by 12 (77%) vs Mount Healthy (Cincinnati) (10-1)
*Winton Woods is five points away from being considered arguably the top D-II team in Ohio. Close losses to playoff teams Loveland (rematch looming) and Elder are the Warriors only blemishes.


Regional Semifinal History

EF Picks 2013: TBA
EF Picks 2012: 39-9 (81%)
EF Picks 2011: 31-17 (65%)
EF Picks 2010: 35-13 (73%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2013: TBA
DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: 39-9 (81%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 35-13 (73%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010: 37-11 (77%)

Regional Quarterfinal History

EF Picks 2013: 93-19 (83%)
EF Picks 2012: 72-24 (75%)
EF Picks 2011: 76-20 (79%)
EF Picks 2010: 72-24 (75%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2013: 89-23 (79.5%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: 72-24 (75%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 82-14 (85%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010: 77-19 (80%)

Regular Season Recap

WHIO TV 2013 Picks Final:
Last Week: 6-0
Season Total: 51-9 (85%)
Finished strong with another 6-0 week and finished second overall in WHIO TV’s contest. Congrats to shadatc who went 54-6.

Columbus ThisWeek Picks Final:
Last Week: 12-3
Season Total: 114-36 (76%)
After finishing middle of the pack last year, I finished first overall this season. Feels good to have proof that I kind of know what I’m talking about.

Ohio Statewide Slate
Last Week: 16-4
Season Total: 146-54 (73%)
Finished on an upward swing after some less than impressive weeks.




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