OHSAA issues memo asking schools not to sign separation petition

The OHSAA issued a memo Thursday asking high school principals NOT TO SIGN a circulating petition asking for the separation of state tournaments. This will be the fourth straight year state administrators could be tasked with voting on a solution to “competitive balance.” The following is the OHSAA’s memo and information sheet.

OHSAA Memorandum

OHSAA Separation Info

2 thoughts on “OHSAA issues memo asking schools not to sign separation petition

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    All public schools are in districts and non public schools cross into those districts. Seems to me that if a student lives in a say div.2 district public school but went to a Div. 5 non-public school then that school should play in Div.2 tournament. I coached for 31 years and during that time I saw many times a small school ,with home kids would make to finals only to get beat by a non-public school with Div. 1 players. There have been many but the old Columbus Wherle school stands out.. School district boundries should not change from year to year. OHSAA is a private organazation and is not run by the states education system and there in might be the problem. The system hurts smaller schools, and I tend to believe this problem would have been solved a long time ago if it hurt larger schools.


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