New JJHuddle Forums have Arrived


JJHuddle Members, Users and Visitors:

Today you will find that JJHuddle’s popular forums are BACK. And they’re different. They’re still Ohio’s best, but there’s a different look, different features and different advantages. There’s also a good chance that the more you use the forums the better you’ll like the difference the changes make in your improved experience.

Why did we do it? Several are asking.

1. Responsive Design: The new forums will format appropriately to any device they are viewed on. They will be easy to use, navigate and read on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Try it. The previous version of vBulletin made it nearly impossible to utilize and enjoy the forums on mobile devices and tablets. Now you’ll be able to. Try it.

2. Security: The previous version of vBulletin we were running (3.6.7) has known security risks and is an outdated version of forum software. It was only a matter of time before something happened. We are being proactive. Your security is a big deal to us.

3. Tagging: The new forums feature a new system that allows users to “tag” each new thread they create. Those tags in turn direct those threads to certain pages on the site, including: school pages, sports pages, conference pages and blog pages. Why should I care? Because when the new JJHuddle homepage is released, you’ll be able to customize your homepage to pull “tagged” threads and articles on schools and conferences you care about to populate it. You craft your own high school news feed/landing page. As for blogs…

4. User Blogs:
JJHuddle registered users (free) will have the opportunity to create and house their own blogs on JJHuddle. Know your stuff? Plenty seem to think so. Publish it and find some followers. More details coming.

Please consider…the forums still have some updates to be added. They are live, but they are not final. Soon they will be.

Thanks for your patience and patronage.

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