Top 200: The countdown continues… Nos. 30-21


The JJHuddle & ScoutingOhio 2014 Top 200

Who are Ohio’s Top 200 senior football prospects heading into the
2013 season? Here’s our take. Thanks to the staffs at JJHuddle and
ScoutingOhio, this is the state’s most comprehensive and educated list
of 2014 talent. Come signing day, expect to see these names in ink. The countdown continues…the Next 10 up are…


2013 Ohio HS Football Preview


(Originally Released 8/1/2013)

Who are Ohio’s Top 200 senior football prospects heading into the 2013
season? Here’s our take. Thanks to the staffs at JJHuddle and ScoutingOhio, this is the state’s most comprehensive and educated list
of 2014 talent. Come signing day, expect to see these names in ink.

It’s arrived…

The countdown of the JJHuddle & ScoutingOhio 2013 Top 200 Senior Prospects.

Things have changed since we released the Top 100 in May.

First off, this is by no means a list of the Top 200 Ohio High School Football Players. “Prospects” and “Players”
differ greatly. There are some names on this list that may shock you
and others you expect. Some that have outrageous stats and some that
don’t have any. They’re all here for a reason though. They have the
potential to play on Saturdays on scholarship, which brings us to this…

These players will have earned over $15 million in scholarship $ once it’s all said and done.

This list is the result of hours and hours of game, camp, combine, coaches and video evaluations. Hard work was done to create it. Enjoy. And congrats to those below.

200-151: Aug. 1*
200-151: Aug. 2*
200-151: Aug. 5*
200-151: Aug. 6*
200-151: Aug. 7*
150-141: Aug. 8*
150-141: Aug. 9*
150-141: Aug. 12*
150-141: Aug. 13*
150-141: Aug. 14*
100-91: Aug. 15
90-81: Aug. 16
80-71: Aug. 19
70-61: Aug. 20
60-51: Aug. 21
50-41: Aug. 22
40-31: Aug. 23
30-21: Aug. 26
20-11: Aug. 27
10-1: Aug. 28

*–10 Names a Day in No Patricular Order

2014 JJH Top 200 Football Prospects

Continuing today we count down the Top 200 senior football prospects in Ohio for the Class of 2014. For #s 200-151 and 150-101 we are releasing 10 players a day in no particular order. Here is the next 10…

21. Nick Richardson, 6-4, 280, OL, Westerville Central

Verbal: Kentucky

Offers: Toledo, Illinois, Cincinnati, Michigan State, Indiana, Bowling Green,
Maryland, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Miami of Ohio, West Virginia, Vanderbilt,

Stats: Zero sacks allowed as a junior.

22. Darryl Long, 6-5, 220, TE, Westerville South

Verbal: Kentucky

Offers: Ohio, Pittsburgh, Illinois, Bowling Green, Toledo, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, Purdue, North Carolina

Stats: 41 receptions, 625 yards and five TDs as a junior.

23. Chris Frey Jr., 6-2, 220, LB, Upper Arlington

Verbal: Michigan State

Offers: Northern Illinois, Syracuse, Akron, Toledo, Bowling Green, Kent State,
Ohio, Ball State, Western Michigan, Boston College, Michigan State,
Purdue, Kentucky

Stats: 136 tackles, 12 TFL, six forced fumbles, two INts as a junior. Also ran for 653 yards and 10 TDs. Added two recieving TDs and a kickoff return for a TD.

24. Darius West, 6-0, 195, CB, Lima Central Catholic

Verbal: Kentucky

Offers: Illinois, Cincinnati, Akron, Toledo, Bowling Green, Purdue, Louisville,
Indiana, Penn State, West Virginia, Kentucky, UCF, Minnesota,
Vanderbilt, Missouri, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Boston College,
Wisconsin, North Carolina State, Iowa, Michigan State, Notre Dame

Stats: 49 tackles and five INJTs as a junior.

25. Alex Dalton, 6-4, 280, OL, Troy

Verbal: Oklahoma

Offers:  Ohio, Akron, Toledo, Bowling Green, Indiana, West Virginia, Colorado
State, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Miami of Ohio, Stanford, Oklahoma, Michigan
State, Arkansas, Penn State, South Carolina, Nebraska, Virginia Tech,

Stats: Three-year starter, All-GWOC.

26. Jarrett LaRubbio, 6-5, 280, OL, Lakota East

Verbal: Kentucky

Offers: Pittsburgh, Akron, Ohio, Bowling Green, Kent State, Toledo, Kentucky,
Duke, Nebraska, Arizona State, Western Michigan, North Carolina State,
Miami of Ohio, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Washington,
Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Louisville, Maryland

Stats: 55 panckes as a junior.

27. Brady Taylor, 6-5, 267, DL, Ready

Verbal: Virginia Tech

Offers: Bowling Green, Toledo, Ohio, Western Michigan, Ball State, Akron,
Kentucky, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Middle Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois,
Eastern Michigan, South Florida, Miami of Ohio, Boston College, Virginia
Tech, Marshall, West Virginia, Wake Forest, Minnesota, North Carolina
State, Georgia Tech

Stats: 96 tackles, 44 TFL, 10.5 sacks, five forced fumbles as a junior.

28. Dareian Watkins, 6-1, 204, ATH, Galion

Verbal: Northwestern

Offers: Illinois, Bowling Green, Akron, Toledo, Ohio, Northwestern, Cincinnati,
Indiana, Purdue, Georgia Tech, Iowa, West Virginia, Kent State,
Louisville, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Michigan State, North
Carolina State, Wisconsin, Penn State

Stats: Three-time All-League player and four-year starter.

29. Thaddeus Snodgrass, 6-1, 170, WR, Springfield

Verbal: Kentucky

Offers: Toledo, Michigan State, Ohio, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Akron, Purdue,
Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, Kentucky, South Carolina

Stats: N/A.

30. Mike Edwards, 6-0, 189, CB, Winton Woods

Verbal: Kentucky

Offers: Kent State, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Toledo,
Louisville, Georgia Tech, Ohio, Nebraska, Akron, Western Michigan,
Cincinnati, Missouri, Vanderbilt, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Iowa, UCF,

Stats: N/A.



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